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KNCI’s Country Christmas

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Not to be out done by 107.9 The End’s Jingle Ball, Sacramento’s country music radio station 105.1 KNCI held their own Christmas celebration at Power Balance Pavilion on Saturday.

KNCI’s Country Christmas concert was an evening packed with country greats including The JaneDear Girls, American Idol finalist Danny Gokey, Sacramento’s own Attwater, Craig Campbell, and duo Montgomery Gentry.

Leading the pack was The JaneDear Girls coming out singing “Merry Go Round” followed by “Shotgun Girl.” The duo, made up of Susie Brown (vocals, mandolin, fiddle, bass, guitar, accordion) and Danelle Leverett (vocals, guitar, banjo, harmonica) are well versed in a number of instruments and they were continually switching instruments.

 Brown also treated the audience to a fantastic solo piece with the fiddle. Quite impressive!

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Local country music sensation Attwater came out with both barrels blasting singing “Daydreaming” and “Runnin”. The duo, consisting of Erika Attwater and Jonathon Richards, had an extra band member. Sorry, but I wasn’t able to get her name. I will research and update this as soon as I find out. She was awesome playing the Ukulele.


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Craig Campbell followed Attwater. Obviously he has a lot of fans in the Sacramento area because the crowd went wild as he came out on stage. Towards the end of his set he sang his newly recorded Christmas song “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” Dedicating it to Specialist Ben Nichols and his girlfriend Michelle.

Michelle, Specialist Ben Nichols, Pat and Tom

The couple met at Country in the Park a couple of years ago and Nichols couldn’t make it to this years event, so he recorded a special message for everyone at this years Country in the Park. Pat and Tom brought Michelle onstage and asked her what is the one thing she wanted most for Christmas. She responded “To have Ben home,” at which point the brought Nichols onstage.

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American Idol alumni Danny Gokey kicked his set off with “Bad Timing” and “Be Somebody.” Gokey sang a couple of his songs as well as a couple of covers. He did a great job working the crowd and getting them on their feet.

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Montgomery Gentry blasted onto the stage and showed everyone in attendance why they were headlining the show. Troy Gentry and Eddie Montgomery were high energy with Montgomery stealing the show. He was all over the stage swinging the mic stand around like it was nothing. They started their set with “Hillbilly Shoes” and “Ever Stop Loving Me,” with the audience on their feet and cheering throughout their set and ended with “Gone.”



The JaneDear Girls:
Merry Go Round
Shotgun Girl
Goodbye Earl
Lucky You
Fiddle (instrumental)
Wild Flower
 Danny Gokey:
Like That’s A Bad Thing
Be Somebody
What Hurts The Most
Get Away
Second Hand Heart
O Holy Night
Crazy Not To
My Best Days
Life is A Highway
Livin’ On A Prayer
New Life
You Got Away
All I want for Christmas
 Montgomery Gentry:
Hillbilly Shoes
Ever Stop Loving Me
Back When I Knew it All
Something to be Proud of
Damn Right I Am
Where I come From
Hell Yeah
Lucky Man
Roll With Me
My Town
What do You Think About That
One in Every Crowd



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Steven Tyler Rushed to Hospital

Downtown SacramentoFront man and American Idol judge, Steven Tyler, was hospitalized in Paraguay’s capital Tuesday after reportedly taking a spill in his hotel bathroom.

According to a bellboy from the Bourbon Hotel in Asuncion, Tyler had taken a “nasty fall,” and lost several teeth.

Tyler was rushed to the La Costa medical center in the capital city. He spent almost four hours in the hospital, where doctors administered stitches, and affixed two dental implants to replace his lost teeth. He has since returned to his hotel to recover, after being discharged in “good condition.”

Tyler was scheduled to perform with Aerosmith later that night.

A spokesman for the concert organizers said, “Mr. Tyler had a small accident that prevents him from staging the concert tonight. He is fine, he’s in his hotel, but he’s not able to do the concert.”

Tyler is still scheduled to perform Wednesday night.

Tyler should be accustomed to tumbling about. However, he generally leaves that for his onstage performances. Back in August 2010, he was knocked offstage by guitarist Joe Perry during their performance of “Love in an Elevator”. Hmmmm – Going down? Who knows maybe they had a tiff just before the concert.

A year earlier he was spinning off a catwalk while performing the same song resulting in a shoulder injury. Soon after the incident Tyler entered rehab for pain killers.

Idol Winner Scott McCreery Debuts at #1

18 year old Alfred E. Neuman lookalike and American Idol winner Scotty McCreery is already making music history with his debut release making it into the Billboard 200 chart, making him the youngest male artist to do so. Clear As Day, which was released October 4th, skyrocketing 196,739 spots in its first week, making it to the #1 spot. The last person to achieve such a debut was Carrie Underwood with Some Hearts

He is the first new country artist so far in 2011 to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. The last time a country singer achieved such a feat was in 2005, when Carrie Underwood’s Some Hearts was released.

Over 15,000 fans attended his album release party at Raleigh’s Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion on October 8. This was also a chance for fans to welcome him home and wish him a happy birthday. McCreery just turned 18. He was presented with a gold record certifying digital sales of more than 500,000 for the single “I Love You This Big”




And yes ““ He’s the spitting image of Mad Magazine’s mascot and cover boy Alfred E. Neuman.





Bo Bice – B Stands for Alabama

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Bo Bice, B is for Alabama!

While the latest round of “American Idol” contestants continue battling it out for the top spot, “Idol” alumni Bo Bice played to a full house in Thunder Valley Casino’s Pano Hall Friday evening. The crowd was a wide range of young and old.

For those non-“American Idol” fans, Bice was runner-up in season four, coming second to none other than Carrie Underwood. Being a proud Alabaman, Bice adopted Lynyrd Skynyrd’s hit “Sweet Home Alabama” as his theme during his “Idol” journey. Alabama Governor Bob Riley even declared May 24 Bo Bice Day.

Bice hit the stage with “Keep on Rollin.'” He continued with two more upbeat songs until he got to “Country,” which was a slower medley of various hit songs that influenced him during his earlier years. He played several songs from his latest album, “3,” including “Long Road Back” and “Take Yourself with You,” which is dedicated to his mother. The crowd loved it start to finish and even gave him several standing ovations throughout his performance.

Bice has a great stage presence and never stopped moving, pointing and winking at people and making regular eye contact (an “American Idol” trademark). The only exception was those poor people in the front row. The way he was throwing the mic stand around was a little scary, and they were ducking for cover. OK, maybe not literally, but I bet they were thinking about it!

Bice thanked Thunder Valley several times and mentioned how impressed he was with their lighting system.

Just prior to performing “Sweet Home Alabama,” Bice left the stage to grab a custom guitar with an interesting local story. While visiting local

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radio station KNCI 105.1 FM last year, he admired another guitar which was custom-made by Woodshop Rocks for country music artist Brad Paisley. The bass guitar was an actual bass guitar, as in the fish variety. Way cool!

Turns out, Woodshop Rocks is a program at Roseville’s Buljan Middle School designed to teach seventh to 12th grade students the value of hard work, one guitar at a time. With woodshop programs getting cut all over the country, it’s refreshing to see a program like this survive, especially one that challenges students in an area that interests and motivates them. Not only do the students learn about woodworking, but math, science and, most importantly, life skills.

Bice contacted program leader Duane Calkins, and soon after student Brittany Brazil began helping design Bice’s brand-spanking-new guitar in the shape of “” you guessed it “” Alabama. The design includes the images of a number of Alabama music legends, plus the opening notes to  “Sweet Home Alabama” on the neck. You really need to check out Brazil’s work.

Earlier that day, Bice had visited Buljan Middle School to pick up his new guitar and treat the students to a performance of “Sweet Home Alabama.” He ended the story by introducing Calkins and Brazil, asking them to join him onstage and letting them know they would be performing “Sweet Home Alabama” with him onstage.

I spoke to Calkins after the show, and he was under the impression nobody could hear him. Oh how wrong you were, Duane. We heard you and Brazil loud and clear! It sounded great, too. The audience loved it, and it was the best part of the performance.

If you haven’t been out to Thunder Valley to take in a concert, you really should think about treating yourself. Next month they kick off their summer series with Credence Clearwater Revisited on May 21, followed by The Fray on May 25.

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Set list in the order performed:
“¢ Keep on Rollin’
“¢ Vehicle
“¢ Long Road Back
“¢ Country
“¢ Different Shades of Blue
“¢ Whipping Post
“¢ Who Knows What
“¢ Take Yourself with You
“¢ Get on and Ride
“¢ The Real Thing
“¢ Witness
“¢ Sweet Home Alabama
“¢ Whiskey

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