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Rutabaga Sprouts at Thunder Valley Casino

Rutabaga Boogie Band

Rutabaga Boogie Band – Click for more images

Sacramento’s own Rutabaga Boogie Band played at Thunder Valley Casino Resort‘s Pano Hall on Friday.

Diehard fans from across the region danced the night away as, in true Rutabaga fashion, they pounded out classic rock “‘n roll for 3 straight hours.

Some of you may not have heard of the Rutabaga Boogie Band, but if you were around the bar scene back in the 70’s you would recognize the name. Playing at places like Shire Road Pub, Slick Willies, and the Oasis Ballroom, they were a big part of the rock “‘n roll scene back in the day.

As someone had mentioned, this felt more like a high school reunion than a concert, as the mostly older crowd mingled in between songs talking about old times.

As Rutabaga kicked off their set with the Eagles “Seven Bridges Road,” a number of people in the crowd immediately jumped up onto the dance floor. People were dancing throughout the evening as the band continued to play songs like The Grateful Dead’s “Truckin,” Bob Seger’s “Shakedown,” and Montrose’s “Bad Motor Scooter.”

Rutabaga Boogie Band

David Phelps and Larry Gosch

Band members include Larry Gosch (guitar), Bill Horton (guitar), David Phelps (keyboards, guitar), Craig Mozley (bass), Bob Hudson (drums) and Russ Martinez (drums)

The excitement overflowed to as a number of fans posted reviews of the evening.

User: Duffaluffagus

Rutabegas played lots of fun classic rock and roll tunes. They have amazing guitarist. Loads of FUN!!! they played for 3 hours straight — no intermission. AWESOME!! Got to dance the whole time.

Favorite moment: Three Grateful Dead covers

Rutabaga Boogie Band

User: Calgal61

Should the opportunity present itself again, DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!!! OMG! I am so not a rocker fan, but these guys are flat out good and put on a good music, good dancing & individually funny show. I remember seeing them in the local pubs around town and they played high schools as well. I really hope they come back to Thunder Valley. What a great night! Thunder Valley provided a great setup and bar.

Favorite moment: The minute I walked into the room.

User: The2Rs
Great concert! So much energy! Love the Guys! The sound was clear. Only negative was chair set up

Favorite moment: The opening piece – harmonizing was phenomenol (sic)

User: 77fan77

Bill Horton and Craig Mozley

Great music! Great time! Great friends… Can’t wait until the next time

User: cinrafter
We went last year as well and once again, enjoyed the show. The guys seemed more “in tune” this time and were just great! Will see the Rutabaga Boogie Band again!

Favorite moment: The guitar rifs were very good!

User: cands15
Loved the non-stop music! Danced all night long. Would like to see them return soon!!!
We need more entertainment like Rutabaga provides. Awesome time!!!! Protection Status

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