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La Original Banda El Limon

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La Original Banda El Limon was kicking it old school ““ Mexican style – at Thunder Valley Casino Resort on Saturday.

The always sexy Carmen Jara opened for Banda El Limon in Thunder Valley Casino’s outdoor amphitheater for the second concert of the Summer Concert Series. While I don’t speak Spanish, I do appreciate good music, and thought Jara was doing a fantastic job. However, the crowd just wasn’t getting into her performance.

Jara was doing everything she could to work up the crowd. She unsuccessfully tried getting the crowd on their feet and clapping to the beat of the music.

Jara was popular in the 90’s and became known as a member of the new Mexican folklore. Performing in Tijuana as a child she moved to Mexico City at the age of 16 to further her career in music.

Carmen Jara

After her debut album Herencia, she signed on with Fonovisa, debuting with La Mujer…El Nuevo Folklore de Mexico and 1994’s Y Tú Te Quedas. She really came into her own in 1996 with the release of Mujer Enamorada, followed by Con Sentimiento in 1997.

Once La Original Banda El Limon took the stage the energy in the audience completely changed. As they went from song to song with horns blaring, including a gargantuan tuba, audience members were dancing in the aisles and at their seats.

The 17 member band put on a high energy show from start to finish. They were well choreographed and well-polished with every band member dressed in the same red suit.

Original Banda el Limón is one of the oldest groups in contemporary Mexican banda. Originating in the 60’s and led by clarinetist Salvador Lizarraga Sánchez, the 17-member band has featured many classic vocalists during its history, including Julio Preciado, José Ángel Ledesma (“El Coyote”), Jorge Cordero, Luis Antonio López (“El Mimoso”), and Nico Flores.

Throughout their history, the group has balanced old and new music with a traditional sound. There were the first banda artists to amplify and synthesize their sound.

I was not able to get all of the band member’s names, but below is a list of the ones I did get.

Gotta Love That Tuba!

Juan Barbosa Lizarraga

Alberto “Zapatitos”


Andrey Lizarraga

Jorge Lizarraga “EL MAYA”

Abraham Rodriguez “Tejillas”

Eduardo Osuna “TAPON”

Ruben Lizarraga

Juan Luis “EL TROSO”

Cesar Ochoa “EL SUPER”

Francisco Lizarraga “Panchito”

Luis Antonio “Tonio”

Agustin Torres

Carlos Lizarraga

Cesar Ochoa

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