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Political pundit, writer, actor and comedian Bill Maher played to a sold out crowd at the Sacramento Convention Center Friday night. Well he really didn’t play to a crowd as much as he ripped into the crowd, and only the way Bill Maher can.

True to form he jumped right into politics and attacked the current candidates campaigning for next year’s presidential election. Nobody was safe from his sharp tongue. He attacked every political party, and religion.

If there was anyone left in the audience that wasn’t offended at least once, I’d be surprised. For crying out loud he even had the audacity to attack Elvis Presley saying he was a pervert and druggie. The audience gasped while Maher went on to explain why it was all true.

I realize Maher has a sharp tongue and can cuss like a sailor, I didn’t expect some of the vulgarity that came spewing out. There was one point he referenced the relationship between a man and his dog. I won’t go into details other than the audience gave up a nervous laugh the whole time looking at each other trying to figure out if it was okay to laugh.


I wasn’t able to stay for entire show, but when I left Maher was well on his way to providing insight to everyone in attendance into the Politically Incorrect world of Bill Maher.

Bill Maher is currently making his way across the country to see just how many people he can offend, or in other words, just plain piss off. Will you be one of them? Check him out on tour and see if  you can take the heat.

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