Soccer star Christian Benitez dead at 27

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DOHAR, QATAR –Christian Benitez, Ecuador’s top scorer from last year died suddenly on Monday at the age of 27.

The striker popularly known as ‘Chucho’ died in the Qatari capital Doha, only a day after his first game for El Jaish.

Benitez was considered an important component of Ecuadorian side bidding to reach next year’s finals in Brazil.

He was ranked the third highest scorer for Ecuador’s national team, with 24 international goals.

Benitez’s agent, Jose Chamorro, told an Ecuadorian television station that Benitez had suffered a heart attack and later died at the hospital. He was rushed to the hospital after complaining of abdominal pains.

Ecuador’s interior minister Jose Serrano tweeted, “Dear Chucho, thank you for your goals and your happiness.”

Sunderland’s Craig Gardner also wrote, “Can’t believe Christian Benitez has died. I had the pleasure to play with him. He was a top bloke. My thoughts go out to his family.”

El Jaish in a statement on their website said, “The club would like to offer its sincere condolences to the family of the player.” Continuing they wrote, “Benitez had recently joined the club from Club America for three seasons. The player participated for the first time with the team during yesterday’s match against Qatar Sports Club in the Sheikh Jassem Cup without complaining of any health problems.

“His sudden departure is a big shock for each member of the technical and administrative staff. He was a player that over the short period he was here was regarded for his high moral character.” Protection Status

“Fashionista Daddy” wins Dorito’s ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ grand prize

doritosToday Dorito’s announced the winner of their annual “Crash the Super Bowl” contest with “Fashionista Daddy” walking away with top honors.

Ranked among the most popular ads of the Super Bowl, as measured by USA Today and Ad Meter, tow of Dorito’s user-generated submissions were in the top ten with “Fashionista Daddy” coming in at number four and “Goat 4 Sale” at number seven.

Airing for the first time nationally during yesterday’s Super Bowl XLVII broadcast, “Fashionista Daddy” has earned its creator, 29-year-old Mark Freiburger, the opportunity to work with acclaimed film director Michael Bay on the next installment of the blockbuster “Transformers” movie from Paramount Pictures and Hasbro “Transformers 4.”

Five finalists were chosen from thousands of entries, with each finalist receiving $25,000 and a trip to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

Ben Callner’s “Goat 4 Sale” scored the 28-year-old second place.

Since Crash the Super Bowl began in 2007, consumer-created Doritos ads have consistently ranked within the top-five spots on the USA TODAY Ad Meter, and three of the last five years they have scored the No. 1 ranking.

“The Doritos brand has always been about offering our consumers the biggest, boldest opportunities imaginable. And it doesn’t get much bolder than turning over the world’s biggest advertising stage to our fans,” said Ram Krishnan, vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay North America. “We are so excited to award Mark the chance to work with one of the most acclaimed directors of our time. It’s an exciting finish for one of the most exciting engagement programs the Doritos brand has created to date.”

Past winners include:

Super Bowl XLI “Live the Flavor” by Dale Backus
Super Bowl XLII “Message From Your Heart.” By Kina Grannis
Super Bowl XLIII “Free Doritos” by Joe and Dave Herbert
Super Bowl XLIV “Underdog” by William Kyle Gerardi
Super Bowl XLV “Pug Attack” by J.R. Burningham
Super Bowl XLVI “Man’s Best Friend” by Jonathan Friedman


Top 10 Super Bowl XLVII ads

rafaeli2f-2-webLast night’s Super Bowl ads have everyone buzzing as ratings roll in. The latest poll released today shows Anheuser-Busch’s heart-tugging spot “Brotherhood” featuring a Clydesdale horse and his former owner taking top spot.

According to USA Today and Ad Meter, “Brotherhood” won by a nose over Procter & Gamble’s Tide spot “Miracle Stain.”

According to AdBowl’s survey released last night, the top honors went to Dodge’s “Farmer” featuring their Ram Truck and the radio voice of the legendary Paul Harvey, with second place going to “Miracle Stain.”

Ad Meter ranks two user-generated submissions from Doritos in the top ten, while AdBowl ranks two low-budget cat commercials in the top ten, with no mention of the Dorito spots. AdBowl wrote in a press release, “Two everyday Internet kitten videos outperformed most of the big-budget commercials.“ Huh? I don’t even recall seeing the commercials they’re referencing.

Looking at AdBowl’s latest update on their website, it appears the cat commercials have gone to the dogs, as they are no longer listed in their top ten list.

One of the most talked about videos has got to go to Go Daddy’s spot featuring super model Bar Rafaeli kissing a nerd.

Ad Meter’s top ten:

  1. Anheuser-Busch: “Brotherhood
  2. Tide: “Miracle Stain
  3. RAM: “Farmers
  4. Doritos: “Fashionista Dad
  5. JEEP: “Whole Again
  6. Kia: “Space Babies
  7. Doritos: “Goat 4 Sale
  8. NFL: “Deion Sanders returns”
  9. Hyundai: “Kid assembles team
  10. Audi: “Prom

AdBowl’s top ten:

  1. RAM: “Farmer”
  2. Tide: “Miracle Stain”
  3. Budweiser: “Brotherhood”
  4. Coca-Cola: “Security Camera
  5. Audi: “Prom”
  6. VW: “Get in Get Happy
  7. Taco Bell: “Viva Young
  8. Kia: “Space Babies”
  9. Jeep: “Whole Again”
  10. Oreo: “Whisper Fight


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