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Thunder Valley Casino Resort sponsored an evening of laughs for the Lincoln Police Activities League (PAL) starring comedian Don Frieson with special guest Jason Love. KTXL Fox 40’s Paul Robins hosted the evenings event.

PAL Director and Lincoln Police Chief Paul Shelgren, along with the Executive Director and Lincoln Police Youth Services Officer, Steve Krueger kicked off the event thanking their sponsors; Sierra Pacific Industries, AT&T, SureWest Foundation, 92.1 K-Hits and KTXL Fox 40. In attendance were Senator Ted Gaines and Assemblywoman Beth Gaines.

As Paul Robins wrestled the microphone from Shelgren and Krueger, he informed the audience that prior to his news anchor job he was working as a standup comic. After a few jokes Robins kicked it into high gear with a dead-on Casey Kasem impression. In his best Kasem voice Robins told a story about a man working in the morgue, who had written Kasem a letter requesting that Kasem play “She’s so Cold,” by the Rolling Stones. I’ll let you figure out where he went with the joke ““ hilarious!

Robins definitely left the stage too early as he introduced Jason Love. Robins could have easily taken on the opening act duties to warm up the crowd for Friesen. As Love took the stage he was met with a lukewarm response that continued through his act.

I believe Love lost most of the crowd when he picked up his guitar and started singing a song that was all about, of all things, shit. Yes, I said shit, but he said shit way more times than I’m going to write about shit. This to a crowd of PAL supporters – What was he thinking?

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Love redeemed himself with his signature one-liners such as, “How come there are signs that read “‘no shoplifting’? Are there places where it’s ok? Rio Linda right?” and “Only one in three crimes are reported. How do they know?”

Two time winner of San Francisco’s Standup Comedy competition Don Friesen took the stage, but only after Robins came back out to tell a quick Easter joke that saw the audience rolling on the floor laughing. Robins definitely has a knack for comedy.

Friesen started his routine off joking about the current real estate crisis and how people’s dreams now are waiting for someone to default on their home loans, so they could swoop in and take it over. He continued on with his kids living at home and started bantering with an audience member who had their 33 year old son living at home.

Friesen went on with life’s trials and tribulations, including the time he went in for Lasik surgery. The doctors handed him a waiver to sign with a warning that one of the side-effects could be blindness, which was the exact opposite of what he was striving for. When he complained about the waiver the doctor said it was their standard contract, to which Friesen responded, “Since it’s a standard contract, then you’re saying that you’re not just screwing me, but you’re screwing everybody.”

I don’t know that Love or Friesen were able to completely engage the entire audience. While they had their zingers and some really funny bits, they just couldn’t bring the majority of the audience to tears, or true rolling on the floor laughter.

About PAL: The Lincoln Police Activities League is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a bond of trust, understanding and mutual respect between youth and law enforcement. We will accomplish our mission through recreational, athletic, and educational programs designed to encourage good citizenship and improve the overall quality of life in the Lincoln area.

PAL provides many free, positive events and activities for young people in our community, some of which include the Junior Giants baseball program, Halloween Haunted House, Christmas party for kids, a co-sponsored fishing derby program, various sports outings, and the after school program at PAL’s Youth Center.

Lincoln PAL activities are open free of charge to all community youth between 8 and 18 years of age. To register, call Youth Services Officer Steve Krueger at 916-343-3632.




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