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K-Pop Makes Thunder Valley Blush

DJ Wednesday

No K-Pop isn’t a band, it’s a music genre consisting of pop, dance, electropop, hip hop and electronic music originating from South Korea.

A group of up and coming K-Pop superstars made an appearance at Thunder Valley Casino Resort on Friday. Appearing in Pano Hall were Iammedic, Russel W, Blush, and headliner Aziatix. DJ’ing the event was Taylor Chung, better known as DJ Wednesday, which struck me kind of odd ““ it was a Friday.



Enik Lin with Iammedic

Leading off the pack was the high energy group Iammedic.  The trio comprised of Danny Park, Andre Harris, and Enik Lin started the concert by telling everyone in attendance to come up to the front row, and get off their butts and dance, which they kindly did.

Leading off with their hit “Shake It” Iammedic had the mostly young female crowd spilling into the aisles and front row dancing and screaming.  Following their next song “Let’s Go,” they had the crowd chanting “Iammedic,” while recording the audience on their smartphone so they could load it up on YouTube.

Iammedic finished their set with “Losing Sleep” and “Spaceship”

Blush - Click for more images

Following Iammedic was the all-girl band Blush, another high energy group reminiscence of the Pussy Cat Dolls. Blush has skyrocketed up the Dance charts in recent weeks with their hit single “Dance On,” beating out Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna and David Guetta for the number one spot last week, only to fall to number nine this week.

Adding to their success is ex-Disney executive Jon Niermann and record producer Steve Schnurr. With those two powerhouses, Blush has been able to work with the likes of Snoop Dogg, who is featured on their single “Undivided.” They have also appeared on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance?” and the Disney show “Shake It Up” featured one of their songs.

It doesn’t hurt that they are incredibly hot ““ is it getting warm in here, or am I having hot flashes again?

Putting on a sizzling performance the five girls from five different continents, Angeli Flores (Phillipines), Alisha Budhrani (India), Ji Hae Lee (South Korea), Danjo Natsuko (Japan), and Victoria Chan (China), had the audience on their feet their entire performance. I even saw some guys up dancing, or maybe they were just gawking at the ladies.

Starting off with their hit “Undivided,” followed by “Make You Blush,” the ladies put on a well-choreographed show.

Russell W - Click for more images

Blush sang “Electric,” which will be featured on their upcoming album due to be released next month. From the sound of it, I would expect to see “Electric” climbing the dance charts soon.

After “Sweet Believe Me” the audience was treated to the debut of “All Star,” which Blush planned on performing in Orlando on Saturday at the NBA AllStars.

Pretty boy Russel W followed Blush. I’m still trying to figure out where he fit into this. While the audience appeared to enjoy his performance I think he missed the mark, playing more rap music than dance/pop. Due to the mostly female audience Russell did add a bit of eye candy for the ladies.

Aziatix - Click for more images

Aziatix, Headliner and new artist of the year in 2011 for both the Asian Music Awards and Blastro Video Awards, brought the house down when they hit the stage with “Lights” and “Superstar.”

The trio made up of Flowsik, Eddie Shin, Nicky Lee, had a large contingent of Aziatix fans in the house. Known as Aziaddicts, they were on-hand to cheer on their favorite band as they kicked off their US tour at Thunder Valley Casino Resort.

A handful of Aziaddics had the opportunity to meet the group prior to the show. I spoke to Patty Diaz who, along with a number of Aziaddicts, presented the Aziatix’s with a banner that will be signed by fans at each of their stops on the US tour.

Aziaddicts Patty Diaz and Tammy with the Aziatix

Diaz is an “administrator” and will be passing the banner off to another administrator for future concerts. She’s scheduled to go to a total of ten concerts and will be off to Seattle and San Francisco this week. She will be traveling as far away as New York and Texas. She wanted to stress that this is a group project by the Aziaddicts and she is but a small cog in a large wheel that supports the Aziatix.

That’s a true addict. You can catch up with all the various Aziaddicts on Facebook

The Aziatix went on to play “Cold” and “Slippin’ Away,” as they worked the audience into frenzy. Ending their set with “Nothing compares to You,” and “Go.” Afterward the group met with fans to sign autographs.


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