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Lady Gaga battles Katy Perry

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On Monday Lady Gaga unexpectedly dropped her new single “Applause,” hours after Katy Perry dropped her new single “Roar”


Some critics question Gaga’s motive and point out that rival Katy Perry released her new single “Roar” at the stroke of midnight on Monday and 13 hours later Gaga released “Applause.”

This is Gaga’s first single to be released from her upcoming album ‘ARTPOP.’ While Katy Perry’s latest single “Roar” is off her upcoming album “Prism.”

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Gaga’s Little Monsters have said the song is destined to be No. 1, while Perry’s KityCats are saying “Roar” is shooting to No. 1.


“Applause” takes you back to Gaga’s clubbing days with its head-banging beats and electronic bursts. Some critics believe it may be a too heavy for the coveted No. 1 spot.

“Roar” on the other hand is a cute and catchy tune, which you will never hear in a club, unless remixed with something along the lines of “Applause.”


Katy Perry is already getting Sara Bareilles’ fans crying foul, claiming the pop-star robbed Sara’s song “Brave.”

The battle will be close as Gaga has over 57 millions Facebook fans versus Perry’s 55 million fans.

You be the judge…


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Katy Perry adds signature flavor to ‘Popchips’

POPCHIPS KATY PERRY award winning line of snacks, called “Katy’s Kettle Corn

Katy’s Kettle Corn is billed as a sweet & salty popped corn chip and will be debuting at most Target stores nationwide this month and on popchips.com.

In July of last year Perry became and investor and a creative partner for the chip maker, and in Katy Perry style, insisted on creating a unique flavor that captured her passion for popcorn and craving for the classic sweet and salty flavor of kettle corn.POPCHIPS KATY'S KETTLE CORN

“Popchips had never ventured into sweet territory before, but I wanted to add my personal touch when creating a flavor,” Perry wrote in a statement, “so I rallied behind the idea of kettle corn. When I snack, I crave a little bit of sweet and a little bit of salt, but I had yet to find a healthier way to satisfy those cravings. When Popchips first approached me to be an ambassador, I thought, ‘hey, this is my chance to create my snacking desire.’ after a series of intensive taste tests, I’m proud to introduce the best of both worlds, and my dream snack realized – Katy’s Kettle Corn!”

Perry also put her own unique twist on the packaging, from the pink and purple colors and spotlight to the heart over the “i” in the Popchips logo.

In 2010 Perry released Purr in conjunction with Gigantic Parfums. The bottle is purple, shaped like a cat, decorated with jeweled eyes and features metallic details. Its design was hand sketched by Perry, and influenced by her Cat woman stage costume.

Watch a behind the scenes video during a Popchips photo shoot.



Top Grossing Concerts of 2011

Billboard magazine just recently released the 25 top grossing concert tours of 2011.

If you’re one of those starving artists making a living by having a day job, you may not want to continue reading this. These are some pretty obscene amounts of money for walking out on stage and doing what you do best, but it’s what the market will bear.

Not to worry though. Several years ago Justin Bieber was posting covers through YouTube and now he’s in the top 25 grossing concerts for 2011. It’s all about networking, marketing, social media, and everything else non-music related. I know it sucks, but that’s the reality of making it in any business, especially in the arts.

Keep in mind these numbers are their gross earnings. The bigger their set, the larger the venue, the more their profit dwindles.

Leading the pack was U2, grossing a whopping $293,281,487 for only 44 shows!! That comes out to $6,665,488 per concert. Take That was close behind U2 for the per show gross coming in at $6,385,357.

Journey's Arnel Pineda - Click for more images

I was pleasantly surprised to see an old school rock band beating out the likes of Britney Spears! Journey’s Eclipse tour with new frontman, Arnel Pineda, came in at $39m and Britney’s Femme Fatale tour was at $37m. However, the per show take for Spears was $951,000 compared to Journey’s $535,000 per show.  Taking into account, sets, stagehands, and supporting personnel, I’d say Journey kicked some serious butt. Their set consisted of the standard fare with a large number of monitors in the background, where Spears set was extremely lavish and expensive with set changes throughout the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if she lost money on her tour.

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So here they are:

  1. U2, $293,281,487 (44 shows) $6,665,488 per show
  2. Bon Jovi, $192,947,951 (68 shows) $2,837,469 per show
  3. Take That, $185,175,360 (29 shows) $6,385,357 per show
  4. Roger Waters, $149,904,965 (92 shows)$1,629,401 per show
  5. Taylor Swift, $97,368,416 (89 shows) $1,094,027 per show
  6. Kenny Chesney, $84,576,917 (55 shows) $1,537,762 per show
  7. Usher, $74,954,681 (73 shows) $1,026,776 per show
  8. Lady Gaga, $71,900,434 (45 shows) $1,597,787 per show
  9. Andre Rieu, $67,104,756 (102 shows) $657,889 per show
  10. Sade, $53,178,550 (59 shows) $901,331 per show
  11. Michael Buble, $49,856,921 (57 shows) $874,682 per show
  12. The Eagles, $49,759,190 (24 shows)  $2,073,299 per show
  13. Katy Perry, $48,851,454 (98 shows) $498,484 per show
  14. Lil Wayne, $46,300,000 (69 shows) $671,014 per show
  15. Justin Bieber, $44,124,922 (35 shows) $1,103,123 per show
  16. Glee Live!In Concert! $40,854,811 (40 shows)$ 1,021,370 per show
  17. NKOTBSB (New Kids on the Brokeback and the Backseat Boys), $40,415,307 (51 shows) $792,457 per show
  18. Journey, $39,069,939 (73 shows)  $535,204 per show
  19. Britney Spears, $37,100,000 (39 shows)  $951,282 per show

    Glee! - Click for more images

  20. Iron Maiden, $33,085,671 (33 shows) $1,002,596 per show
  21. Kylie Minogue, $32,559,439 (41 shows) $794,132 per show
  22. Neil Diamond, $31,303,070 (20 shows) $1,565,153 per show
  23. Enrique Iglesias, $30,811,001 (38 shows)  $810,815 per show
  24. Jason Aldean, $27,768,963 (58 shows) $478,775 per show
  25. Toby Keith, $27,313,132 (52 shows)  $525,252 per show







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