Louie Anderson

Louie Anderson injures ribs on ABC’s ‘Splash’


Louie Anderson
Photo: Randy Miramontez

Comedian Louie Anderson wasn’t laughing Thursday when he cracked himself up during rehearsals on ABC’s competition show ‘Splash.’

According to ‘Access Hollywood’ the rotund Anderson had to cancel an appearance on their show due to some bruised ribs he received while rehearsing for ‘Splash’.”

According to his rep the 59-year-old, “will continue in the competition in spite of the injury.” He  added, “He is finding diving to be more dangerous than standup.”

‘Splash’ is a reality competition show that premiered last week. Pitting 10 celebrities against each other, the show challenges the celebs in regulation platform and springboard diving competition.

Anderson can expect a lot of ribbing over the incident – just saying.

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Louie Anderson: Still Larger Than Life

Louie Anderson

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The 59 year old comedian, best known for his comedic style and overall girth, took to the stage at Thunder Valley Casino Resort’s Pano Hall Saturday, rounding out a weekend of comedy that started with comedians Don Friesen and Jason Love on Friday.

Right out of the gate Louie Anderson had the audience laughing by saying;

“What a beautiful day wasn’t it? I almost went for a walk.”

After a few brief jokes about his size, the Las Vegas resident jumped right into the casino life. Joking about blackjack in particular and the pressure you are under to “‘follow the rules.’ For example he split two tens and won, but everyone at the table yelled at him because he screwed it up for everyone else.

Anderson really enjoys bantering with audience members and Saturday night was no exception. One audience member in particular took quite a beating. Horris was asked what his name was and Anderson immediately said “Oh, that’s a torturous name”.

As Anderson continued asking Horace questions like, “What were you parents thinking,” he paused and asked what his middle name was. Horace replied, “Lavelle,” sending Anderson into another frenzy. When asked what his last name was Horace replied, “It’s best we leave that one alone.” Anderson finally got his answer, but I will leave Horaces last name out to protect him from any further humiliation.

His show was low key when compared to other comedians. He’s not what I would call a hard-hitting comic, but somewhat dry in his delivery with a straight-forward no nonsense approach.

I’ve never been a fan of Anderson, but after watching his show I have to admit he’s won me over. He’s a superb storyteller, delivers well timed punch-lines, and he’s quick-witted while engaging unsuspecting audience members.

Off-stage Louie Anderson is a genuinely nice guy, and oddly enough, he’s even soft-spoken, unless you get him wound up and then all bets are off.

Anderson works with numerous charity organizations and after 9/11 he put together a NYC Police vs. Firemen show with the prize money going to the NYPD and NYFD Widows fund, with Anderson contributing $75,000 of his own money.

Not only is Anderson an actor and comedian, he’s also written several books and created the cartoon series Life with Louie, and hosted the hit game show Family Feud from 1999 to 2002.

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