Madison Hudson

Madison Hudson shakes it up

madisonSACRAMENTO, CA- Country singer Madison Hudson is shaking things up with her latest single “Shake It Up,” which is due to drop on iTunes sometime on Sunday.

Hudson teamed up with Michael Brandt and Fat Cat Studios in Sacramento to produce this winning song. “Shake It Up” has some great lyrics along with an awesome groove.

On the single, Hudson is joined by Brandt (drums/percussions), Stinger Davin (bass), Clint Warner (guitar/banjo) and Stephany Rae (background vocals). Brandt is also responsible for writing and producing this fun song.

As Hudson belts out this catchy tune, she has on her favorite jeans and dancing boots as she heads out the door to shake it up and break it down. The song has a perfect mix of banjo and solid driving guitar. Add to that a memorable chorus and Hudson’s pristine vocals and you have a combination for a bona fide hit.

At 16, Hudson’s vocals are truly starting to mature, sounding more like woman and less like an adolescent girl, she’s hitting on all cylinders with “Shake It Up.” Hudson’s earlier singles include, “I Don’t Care,” which was released when she was only 13, “Tommy” and “Too Shy.”

Give it a listen now at Southern Dixie Radio. If you like what your hear, let Madison know on her Facebook page.

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Placer 10-35 Foundation’s Rockin’ in July


Next month the Placer 10-35 Foundation will be “Rockin’ in July” as they host a fundraising concert at Rock Hill Winery in Loomis, Calif. in support of Placer County peace officers and their families.


Rachel Steele

July 20th at 4 p.m. is when the fun begins, with music by Rachel Steele and Road 88, with special guest country singer Madison Hudson.

Headliner Rachel Steele and Road 88 bring their own style of country rock, providing fans with a high-energy performance ith a flawless delivery of nothing but good solid rock and roll – country style. They’ll bring you their original hits such as “Not Gonna Happen” and “Mama’s Still Waitin,’ ” along with some of your favorite foot stomping country tunes.

Madison Hudson is an up and coming country music star, bringing you her own brand of music, including her latest singles “Tommy” and “Too Shy.” Add Nikki Perez to the mix and you’ll be amazed at these two talented young women.

Not only will there be award winning wines from Rock Hill Winery and other beverages, there will also be some great eats as Swabbies restaurant will be making their famous tacos and other awesome treats.Madison-Hudson-CelebrityExaminer-ad2

Don’t miss out on a great time! The best part is all proceeds go to the Placer 10-35 foundation.

For your tickets call 530-308-1364.

Visit Placer 10-35 Foundation on their Facebook page where they will be announcing how you can win VIP Passes and more fun stuff.

Rock Hill Winery is located in Loomis at 2970 Del Mar Avenue.

About Placer 10-35 Foundation

The Placer 10-35 Foundation is a non-profit fraternal & benevolent association chartered to assist Placer County peace officers in times of great personal and organizational tragedy. We also are available to assist the families of slain peace officers throughout the region.

We are committed to celebrating the mission of the law enforcement officer and providing assistance when the inevitable tragedy occurs in this dangerous profession.

“10-35″ refers to the police radio code meaning, “Officer needs assistance”. The 8 stars in our logo represent our 8 Placer County deputies killed in the line of duty.

Woodshop Rocks keeps churning out life lessons

Duane Calkins playing a mean 'Happy Birthday'

Duane Calkins playing a mean ‘Happy Birthday’
Photo: Randy Miramontez

In a world of high unemployment, budget cuts in every sector and school closures, it’s refreshing to see a school program that, not only teaches students valuable life skills and providing them with a sense of accomplishment, but funds itself.

Woodshop Rocks is a program created by an unassuming man by the name of Duane Calkins. Calkins teaches a woodshop class at Buljan Middle School in Roseville, Calif., but this is no ordinary woodshop class. It’s a woodshop class that, dare I say, rocks. You see his students learn how to build their very own guitars from start to finish.DSC_3082-Edit

Taking about six months to build, students are able to learn a number of skills, over and above woodworking. Skills they take into their adult life. Along the way, they will not only learn how to craft their guitar out of wood, but learn the electronics within the guitar as well as install the electronics, including soldering the pieces together, but more importantly, how it all comes together.


The beginnings of guitars

As you enter Calkins classroom it appears to be a normal everyday woodshop. Upon closer inspection you start to see the beginnings of guitars around the room, with some in their final stages and others in the beginning stage.

Calkins, a quiet soft spoken man, lights up at the opportunity to talk about his program. Entering its 15th year, students have custom built over 4,000 guitars and helped numerous local and national artists.

Bo Bice

Bo Bice (L) with Duane Calkins
Photo: Randy Miramontez

The program got its start when one of Calkins students came up and asked him if he could build a guitar for his woodshop project. Not knowing the difference between a fret and a humbucker, the two set out together to build the first guitar – The rest, as they say, is history.

People have taken notice. Eighteen schools across the country have mirrored Calkins program. One school was without woodshop classes for nine years, but reopened their woodshop class to start this successful and, more importantly, self-funded program.

According to Calkins, at least 80 percent of his students go on to learn how to play guitar. Many students have gone on to build their own business around the guitar, doing repairs, building in their garage, or starting recording studios. One student went on to build surfboards.


Madison Hudson (L) and Duane Calkins

Brad Paisley's bass guitar Photo: Woodshop Rocks

Brad Paisley’s bass guitar
Photo: Woodshop Rocks

Woodshop Rocks has built guitars for local bands like Road 88, Billy Goats Gruff, Voodoo Fuzzbox, Grenade Jumper, and so many more. Nationally recognized artists include James Hatfield of Metallica, Avenged Seven Fold, Sammy Hagar, Sublime and Bo Bice.

Read: Bo Bice gets a new guitar

Woodshop Rocks also hands out guitars to the winner of the Bass Master Classic, and yes, the guitar is in the shape of a fish, a bass to be exact. This year the award went to Brent Chapman for winning Toyota Bass master Angler of the Year. In fact, avid fisherman and country music star Brad Paisley was on the receiving end of one of those bass guitars, and according to reports he’s got it prominently displayed at his home.


Madison Hudson custom made guitar from Woodshop Rocks


I was lucky enough to be there on the day that Calkins and his students presented a custom made guitar to local country music singer Madison Hudson. Hudson had not seen the guitar until the big reveal and was ecstatic with how it turned out. Prior to seeing the guitar, the 15-year-old Hudson performed a couple of songs along with Scott Prentice, guitarist with band Road 88.

Past student, Britanny Brazil, who helped design Bo Bice’s guitar also played a part in designing Madison’s.

It was the first time I had heard Hudson sing unplugged and was quite impressed with her powerful vocals. She’s one to keep an eye on as she develops into a country star.

Duane Calkins playing a mean 'Happy Birthday' Photo: Randy Miramontez

Rachel Steele’s new custom guitar from Woodshop Rocks
Photo: Randy Miramontez

Calkins is still emotional even after 4,000 guitars, as he teared up watching Hudson appreciate her newly made custom guitar.

Calkins has provided thousands of kids with the opportunity to learn life skills by building something they can appreciate and grow from. Music speaks to us all and now there are thousands of adults out there who continue to share the love of music and art all because of Woodshop Rocks.

Show your support for this wonderful program by going over to their website and purchasing one of their customer designed t-shirts or hoodies!

Concert Review: Madison Hudson

Madison Hudson - Click for more images

Madison Hudson – Click for more images

Madison Hudson is quickly becoming a local favorite in the country music world, as she’s starting to play larger venues such as Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill in Folsom, Calif.

I was first introduced to Hudson’s singing abilities at, of all places, a Doobie Brothers concert at Thunder Valley Casino Resort. Film star and singer, Branscombe Richmond brought Hudson up on stage to sing “Listen to the Music,” along with the Doobie Brothers.

The 15 year-old Hudson is country pop singer from the small town of Wheatland, located in rural Northern California. She’s been singing the national anthem at sporting events and from time to time has been making appearances with singer songwriter Rachel Steele and the band Road 88.

Rachel Steele - Click for more images

Rachel Steele – Click for more images

Opening at Toby Keith’s was a big move for the country singer as she was joined by Rachel Steele, and Road 88 band members Scott Prentice (guitar) and Billy Haggard (guitar). She also had a special guest singer Courtney Chapman, but more on that in a minute.

Kicking off their set, Hudson and Steele performed Pistol Annies’ “Hell on Heels” and Sugarland’s “Stuck Like Glue.” Hudson appeared nervous, but quickly overcame any nerves after “Stuck Like Glue.”

Hudson went on to perform solo, singing Kacey Musgraves’ “Merry Go ‘Round” and Hudson’s original song “Tommy.” She hit her stride as she began “Tommy,” and never looked back, as she performed a number of songs, both solo and with Steele, sounding more like a veteran performer than a 15 year-old up and coming star.

Scott Prentice - Click for more images

Scott Prentice – Click for more images

Courtney Chapman - Click for more images

Courtney Chapman – Click for more images

Halfway through her performance Hudson brought her special guest, and close friend, Courtney Chapman onstage to provide vocals. The duo brought the house down with a wonderful rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Mean.” Chapman did a sterling job on vocals and I was looking forward to hearing more from her, but that was not meant to be, as Chapman exited the stage after performing “Mean.”

Hudson has been hinting on her Facebook page that bigger things were coming this summer as she is scheduling more appearance and bringing Chapman along.

Billy Haggard - Click for more images

Billy Haggard – Click for more images

“Well I said 2013 would be crazy!” she wrote, “I will be working on stage with several artists working up to this summer. But I would like to introduce you all to Courtney! Courtney will be joining me starting this summer. We will be a new team and I am so lucky!! You will see us out and about together soon getting ready to rock it country style!!”

Looking forward to it!

Madison Hudson is someone to keep an eye on. You can find more information about her and Rachel Steele at the below links.

Visit Madison Hudson on:

Official Website
See Hudson perform “Tommy


Rachel Steele with Road 88 can be found at:

Official Website

Madison Hudson drops “Too Shy” on iTunes today!

Madison Hudson onstage at Thunder Valley Casino Resort

The 14 year old music phenom from Wheatland, California released her latest single “Too Shy,” on iTunes today(UPDATE – now available on Amazon). This is her 3rd single to be released

Hudson’s first single “I Don’t Care,” was released when she was only 13. She followed that up with “Tommy,” which has a great driving beat and allowed Hudson to showcase her vocals, punctuating the reason I believe this young lady is headed for the big time. You can also view “Tommy” on Youtube featuring some of her friends.

So what do we have to look forward to with “Too Shy?” It’s a catchy tune with a memorable chorus that will have listeners singing along after their first listen. There’s also some great guitar work interspersed throughout the song.

According to Hudson, “Too Shy” is really about her personality and how she’s always been the shy type.

It’s a great tune that tells a story of how she wants to let someone know how much she cares for them but she’s too shy. While the lyrics are pretty much what you’d expect from a 14 year old, her sound is not so typical and you can hear as you listen to each of her singles how she is quickly growing as an artist.

Go over to iTunes or Amazon and check it out!

Better yet, buy all three of her singles to show your support and then you can tell all your friends you heard her first!


The Next American Idol?

Brancombe Richmond and Madison Hudson

Madison Hudson is a name you may not know ““ yet.

I was first introduced to Hudson’s singing abilities at, of all places, a Doobie Brothers concert at Thunder Valley Casino Resort. Film star and singer, Branscombe Richmond brought Hudson up on stage to sing “Listen to the Music,” along with the Doobie Brothers.

Madison Hudson is a 14 year old country pop singer from the small town of Wheatland, located in rural Northern California.

Hudson and her parents realized she was a talented singer back when she was in the first grade, when she scored a solo portion of a class song.

It was soon after her first grade solo that Hudson started recording cover songs. Not wanting to simply do cover songs that others have created, Hudson teamed up with songwriter Amy Ayres. Hudson provides her thoughts and ideas and Amy puts pen to paper, while husband Rich Ayres puts it all together at River City Recording. Based on the couple of songs available on iTunes, I would say the process is working.

Hudson’s first single “I Don’t Care,” may have been a bit challenging, with several high notes interspersed throughout the song. However, by stretching her voice between the highs and lows, she pulled off a memorable performance.

Listening to Hudson’s second single “Tommy,” it’s quite obvious that she’s growing as a singer and an individual. “Tommy” has a great driving beat and allows Hudson to showcase her vocals, punctuating the reason I believe this young lady is headed for fame and fortune. You can also view the video (above) of “Tommy” on Youtube featuring some of her friends.

Her latest single “Too Shy” is due out on April 6th. Hudson says “Too Shy,” is really about her personality and how she’s always been shy. She’s going to have to get over that since she’s scheduled to perform at a number of local events throughout the summer.

I like refer to Hudson’s sound as Taylor Swift with attitude.

As Hudson matures with age and her vocals grow, so will her unique and individual sound, and someday, in the not so distant future, a throng of fans will be lined up for autographs, with the desire to sound just like Madison Hudson.

Is American Idol in her future?

Hey! You heard it hear first.

(To my readers who love to edit my work ““ I know here is misspelled ““ I’m envoking my poetic license)



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