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Dyno-Mite Blast Takes Thunder Valley Old School

Jimmy JJ Walker - Click for more images

I was heading out to the Super 70’s Soul Jam out at Thunder Valley Casino and Resort Friday night, so I dawned my rose colored glasses, bell bottoms and platform shoes. Luckily I packed a Big Hunk, Bottle Caps and Screaming Yellow Zongers before leaving. I knew I’d get the munchies since I’m such a burn out and can’t leave home without a joint or three (hey I have a prescription). I was just hoping I could maintain with all that groovy music playing. The last thing I needed was for some narc to rat me out. As for the concert it was far out man and I should add Dyno-mite!

Right on. Not everyone can be as hip as the hipsters from the 70’s, but Friday everyone was hip and just hanging out with the likes of The Emotions, The Chi-Lites, The Stylistics, The Temptations, and the MC for the evening Jimmy JJ Walker.

To start the night off Jimmy JJ Walker took the stage. Most people remember Walker from his role on Good Times as James Evans Junior, or JJ. In fact, Walker coined the term dyno-mite which became slang for great or fantastic.

The Emotions

The Emotions

Walker provided a bit of comic relief in between sets. At one point he was joking around about the price of gas, saying that he pulled into a full service gas station and the attendant asked him if he wanted him to fill it up, to which Walker responded – No, just give me $200 worth – Ba-da-bing.

First up were the The Emotions singing hits like “Best of My Love,” “Don’t Ask My Neighbors,” and “Boogie Wonderland.” Founding members and sisters Pamela Hutchinson and Wanda Vaughn were joined by Wanda’s daughter Wyann Vaughn.

Wyann did a great job filling in for her aunt and founding member Sheila Hutchinson, who was unable to make the concert. The trio did a fantastic job, sounded great, and were styling in their matching black and white dresses.

The Chi-Lites

The Chi-Lites - Click for more images


Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, The Chi-Lites, slowly made their way onto the stage as one by one they came out to the tune of “Have You Seen Her.” Decked out in bright yellow suits they sang a number of hits including “Have You Seen Her” and “Oh Girl.” Joining founding member Marshall Thompson were Frank Reed, Fred Simon, and Thompson’s wife Tara Thompson.

Marshall is in the R&B Hall of Fame and the Vocal Group Hall of Fame and has been performing for over 52 years.

Up next were The Stylistics with original band members Herbert Murrell and Airrioin Love. They were joined by Eban Brown and Jason Sharp. Performing their hits including “Betcha by Golly Wow,” “I’m Stone in Love with You,” and “Break Up To Make Up,” the group stayed in perfect synch with each other as they danced throughout their set.

The Stylistics

The Stylistics - Click for more images


Headlining the evening was The Temptations Review featuring Dennis Edwards. Edwards was lead singer for the original Temptations for a number of years, replacing David Ruffin.

Joining Edwards were Paul Williams Jr., David Sea, Mike Patillo, and Chris Arnold. Paul Williams Jr. is the son of original Temptation Paul Williams.

Dressed in matching suits the group sang hit after hit including “Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me),” “Papa was a Rolling Stone,” and “My Girl.”

It only took a couple of notes at the beginning of each song for the audience to start cheering as they recognized the tune. Dancing in the aisles, as well as at their seats, people were enjoying a trip down memory lane, with most people singing along.

The Temptations Review

The Temptations Review


It was a fantastic night of some good old fashion soul music and a little bit of humor thrown in to boot.

The Summer Concert Series out at Thunder Valley Casino Resort continues to heat up with Bret Michaels, Night Ranger, and Slaughter appearing next Friday June 15th.

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