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Rocker Lita Ford set to release new album

litafordbitchcdLita Ford is back . . . or should we say “The Bitch is Back . . . Live.”

The hard rock queen of the ’80s is back with a vengeance, as she announced the release of a new live album appropriately named, “The Bitch is Back…Live.

The album is due out on October 22 in North America, on October 25 in Germany and on October 28 in the rest of Europe through SPV/Steamhammer.

The CD features recordings of Lita’s October 2012 performance at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, Calif. and will be released as a digipak with a special booklet including fan photos and download.

Lita opens the show with her rendition of the classic Elton John track “The Bitch is Back”, which was previously released as a bonus track on “Living Like A Runaway”.

“Well, I heard [the original version of the song] on the radio and I just thought it worked for Elton John, and it works for Lita Ford,” Lita explained to when asked how she came to cover the track. “It kind of makes a statement, saying, ‘She’s back,’ and this is me saying this, not anybody else, you know?! It came from me, and I spoke to Elton John backstage before we released the album and I wanted his blessing. I didn’t want to just take his song and do it because I’ve done my own version of it. It’s more guitar-orientated instead of piano. So I said to him we’re doing ‘The Bitch Is Back’ and we gave him a copy of it, and his tour manager wrote back and said, ‘It’s one rocking version.’ But I went backstage because he came through town and I went backstage and said, ‘Hello!’ and he said, ‘That’s my song,’ you know, ‘That’s my song,’ and I said, ‘Yes, it is your song,’ and I said, ‘Thank you for letting me do it,’ and he said, ‘Thank you for doing my song.’ So I thought, ‘Right on, I got his blessing.’”

“The Bitch is Back…Live” track listing:

01. The Bitch Is Back
02. Hungry
03. Relentless
04. Living Like A Runaway
05. Devil In My Head
06. Back To The Cave
07. Can’t Catch Me
08. Out For Blood
09. Dancing On The Edge
10. Hate
11. Close My Eyes Forever
12. Kiss Me Deadly

Lita’s current touring lineup includes Mitch Perry (guitar), Bobby Rock (drums), and Marty O’Brien (bass).

Ford’s latest album, “Living Like A Runaway“, was released on June 19, 2012 in North America. The effort was made available in four configurations: a double LP, limited-edition CD, standard CD and digital download. The artwork for the album was created by famed rock photographer Mark Weiss.

The British born rocker started out in 1975 at the age of 16 with the all-girl band The Runaways, which included band member Joan Jett. However, Ford’s real success came after going solo in the early ‘80s when she released ‘Out for Blood’ and ‘Dancing on the Edge.’  “Fire in My Heart” and “Gotta Let Go” off of her ‘Dancing on the Edge’ album brought Ford front and center in the hard rock world.

It was disappointing to see that “Gotta Let Go” didn’t make it on her upcoming live album.

Big Sean drops a bomb with ‘Control’

Work-picRapper and self-proclaimed ‘King of New York,’ Kendrick Lamar is in Big Sean’s latest single “Control,” which Big Sean let loose on Twitter today to his 4 million plus Twitter followers.

The 25-year-old rapper stirs up some controversy with his buddy 26-year-old rapper Kendrick Lamar. The epic song, lasting over seven minutes, never made it to his upcoming album ‘Hall of Fame,’ due to mixing issues.

Some of the more potent lyrics has Kendrick rapping:

“I’m usually homeboys with the same n—-s I’m rhymin with but this is hip-hop and them n—-s should know what time it is, and that goes for Jermaine Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Wale, Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Big Sean, Jay Electron‘, Tyler, Mac Miller. I got love for you all but I’m try ta murder you n—-s. Try ta make sure your core fans never heard of you n—-s.”

Big Sean informed fans that his ‘Hall of Fame’ album is expected to drop on August 27 and explained to his Twitter followers:

“Since my new album #HallOfFame is avail for preorder in a couple hours Can I drop something that didn’t make the album?! straight rap sh**… This one that didn’t make the album cuz of the sample BUT IT IS NOT no radio sh–.. Straight rap… I’m talking 7min sh** … Grimey sh**”

Big Sean is somebody to be reckoned with as he recently released a new video for “Fire” featuring Miley Cyrus. He is currently working with girlfriend Naya Rivera from the hit TV show ‘Glee’ on a new song.

So far, no rappers have responded to the lyrics, but you can be sure some of them will respond in kind.

Lady Gaga battles Katy Perry

"Applause" Facebook


On Monday Lady Gaga unexpectedly dropped her new single “Applause,” hours after Katy Perry dropped her new single “Roar”


Some critics question Gaga’s motive and point out that rival Katy Perry released her new single “Roar” at the stroke of midnight on Monday and 13 hours later Gaga released “Applause.”

This is Gaga’s first single to be released from her upcoming album ‘ARTPOP.’ While Katy Perry’s latest single “Roar” is off her upcoming album “Prism.”

"Roar" Facebook


Gaga’s Little Monsters have said the song is destined to be No. 1, while Perry’s KityCats are saying “Roar” is shooting to No. 1.


“Applause” takes you back to Gaga’s clubbing days with its head-banging beats and electronic bursts. Some critics believe it may be a too heavy for the coveted No. 1 spot.

“Roar” on the other hand is a cute and catchy tune, which you will never hear in a club, unless remixed with something along the lines of “Applause.”


Katy Perry is already getting Sara Bareilles’ fans crying foul, claiming the pop-star robbed Sara’s song “Brave.”

The battle will be close as Gaga has over 57 millions Facebook fans versus Perry’s 55 million fans.

You be the judge…


Chris Brown collapses at recording studio

RCA Records - Promo

RCA Records – Promo

LOS ANGELES, CA – Chris Brown suffered a seizure early Friday morning and was rushed to the hospital.

According to a statement released Friday night, the singer collapsed at the Record Plant recording studio in Hollywood in the early morning hours of Friday.

“Chris suffered a non-epileptic seizure (NES). … His doctor tended to him this afternoon and attributes the NES to intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress, both due to the continued onslaught of unfounded legal matters and the nonstop negativity.”

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We’re thinking the doctor is not qualified to determine whether or not Browns legal matters are “unfounded,” but be that as it may, obviously Brown is a pressure cooker waiting to explode.

It’s not like brown isn’t known for his anger management issues – more so than his music.

Record Plant Studio Google Map

Record Plant Studio
Google Map

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The troubled 24-year-old became a trending topic on Twitter under the hashtag PrayForChrisBrown after the statement was released.

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Brown has had nothing but bad press for years and continues to created legal problems for himself. Just last week Brown found himself in front of yet another judge on a hit-and-run-charge. He pleaded not guilty.

For all you Chris Brown fans – don’t hate on the CelebrityExaminer – We couldn’t possibly make this stuff up.

James Blunt releases new single

bonfire-heartLONDON – James Blunt has released a new single online Monday, just before it’s due to hit the airwaves later today.

In an email to fans early Monday morning, James Blunt released his latest single “Bonfire Heart.” The song is scheduled to premiere on the radio later this morning. The single will be available on iTunes Tuesday.

The 39-year-old Blunt said, “The song is about love, life, fear and hope… and more than anything, you… and me…”

This is the first single from his upcoming new album ‘Moon Landing’ due to drop in October.

Blunt is currently recording a lyric-based video and will be posting it to his website today.

The song is a nice folksy song with some memorable lyrics and a very catchy tune. This one will chart.

What do you think? Listen here.

The London based singer exploded onto the US music scene in 2005 with his third single “You’re Beautiful” off of his album “Back to Bedlam,” which was released in 2003. The album went on to sell over 11 million copies and topped the album charts in 16 territories worldwide. It’s sold over 2.6 million in the U.S.and is certified 2x platinum. In Britain the album has been certified 10× platinum, sold over three million copies, winning the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest selling album in one year.

Here are the lyrics to “Bonfire Heart.”

Bonfire Heart

Your mouth is a revolver firing bullets in the sky.
Your love is like a soldier, loyal till you die.
And I’ve been looking at the stars for a long, long time.
I’ve been putting out fires all my life.
Everybody wants a flame, but they don’t want to get burnt.
And today is our turn.

Days like these lead to nights like this leads to love like ours,
You light the spark in my bonfire heart.
People like us, we don’t need that much.
Just someone that starts, starts the spark in our bonfire hearts.

This world is getting colder. Strangers passing by.
No one offers you a shoulder. No one looks you in the eye.
But I’ve been looking at you for a long, long time.
Just trying to break through, trying to make you mine.
Everybody wants a flame, they don’t want to get burnt
Well today is our turn.

Days like these lead to nights like this leads to love like ours,
You light a spark in my bonfire heart.
People like us, we don’t need that much.
Just someone that starts, starts a spark in our bonfire hearts.

Rapper Chris Kelly died of a drug overdose

Chris Smith(L) and Chris Kelly Photo: Amazon

Chris Smith(L) and Chris Kelly
Photo: Amazon

According to TMZ, a toxicology screening performed by the Fulton County Medical Examiner on rapper Chris Kelly, of the popular ‘90s rapping duo Kriss Kross, died from a fatal mixture of drugs.

The 34-year-old was found dead on May 1 at his Atlanta home. His mother, Donna Kelly Pratte, called for help that fatal day from Kelly’s Atlanta home. Paramedics found Kelly unresponsive at the scene and transported him to a local hospital where he was declared dead.

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Pratte later told authorities that the rapper had a history of drug abuse and had experienced episodes in the past, according to the police report filed at the time.

TMZ did not identify what drugs were involved, but according to the Fulton County Police report filed the day of his death, cocaine and heroin may have played a part in Kelly’s death. Pratte, Chris’ mother, told police that her son had taken what is known as speedballs the night before – a mixture of cocaine and heroin.

The police report went on to say that Kelly had felt nauseous all morning and then passed out. Both Kelly’s mother and uncle told police that Kelly had a drug problem.

Former Devo drummer dead at 58

Devo performs at Sunrise MarketPlace in 2012

Devo performs at Sunrise MarketPlace in 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA – The former drummer for Devo, Alan Myers, died Wednesday in Los Angeles. Devo spokesman Michael Pilmer made the announcement.

Myers died after battling brain cancer. He was 58. Devo is best known for their hit “Whip It.”

Myers was Devo’s drummer during their climb to success from 1976 to 1985. The Akron Ohio band was founded by Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale, bringing their quirky style to the masses in 1977 with their rendition of the Rolling Stones’ classic “Satisfaction.”

Casale told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Devo would never have made it so big without Myers, saying he was the best drummer he had ever played with.

“We were mostly in basements and garages writing songs. It was Alan that brought everything to life,” Casale told the Associated Press, “That was the catalyst where everything clicked.”

Devo, which stands for ‘de-evolution’ meaning that instead of continuing to evolve, mankind has actually begun to regress, as evidenced by the dysfunction and herd mentality of American society. The idea came about as a joke Kent State University art students Gerald Casale and Bob Lewis as early as the late 1960s.

Devo’s classic line-up included two sets of brothers, the Mothersbaughs (Mark and Bob) and the Casales (Gerald and Bob), along with Alan Myers.

Blues great Bobby Blue Bland dead at 83

Bobby "Blue" Bland - Click for more images

Bobby “Blue” Bland – Click for more images

Bobby “Blue” Bland died on Sunday at the age of 83.

According to a family friend, Blues Hall of Fame recipient Robert Calvin “Bobby” Bland has died today. No other details were available.

Updated: Bland’s son Rodd told CNN that health issues sidelined the singer earlier this year. “He had a hole in his stomach that had become tumorous, and it was emptying into his bloodstream.”

Rodd said Bland passed away from natural causes at his home in Germantown, Tennessee. “He was in my arms,” his son said. “But I’m not going to lie. I could have used at least 20 more years.”

Already the condolences are coming in.

Jim Hanzalik with World One Presents said, “”It’s with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to true legend and icon of the blues. Thank you for all the great memories, conversations and love you shared with us and your many fans. We love you and you’ll be missed – RIP Bobby Blue Bland.”

Jay Sieleman with the Blues Foundation called Bland the greatest blues singer in the world.

“He was respected by so many people in the rock world and in the jazz world. He’s the Frank Sinatra of the blues. He’s respected for his voice and his phrasing. It’s going to be a huge loss to blues music,” Sieleman said.

Bobby “Blue” Bland was an original member of the Beale Streeters, and is considered the “Lion of the Blues”.

Bland’s unique style of phlegm clearing grunts and sense of despair provided a whole different level of blues and helped change the landscape of blues along with other greats such as Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, and Junior Parker.

Bland started singing with local gospel groups in Memphis Tenn. and wanted to expand his music, so he started going to the famous Beale Street known for it’s blues clubs, where he met a number of aspiring musicians calling their group the Beale Streeters.

In Bland’s earliest recordings in the 50’s, you could hear his individuality trying to come through, but his career was interrupted with a stint in the U.S. Army.

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Bland started touring with Junior Parker in 1956 and doubled as a valet and driver. He was reported to have been valet and driver for others such as B. B. King and Rosco Gordon.

View photos of Bobby Blue Bland

In 1957 Bland started rising in the charts with “Farther Up the Road,” released in 1957, and “Little Boy Blue,” released in 1958, as he made it into the R&B Top 10.

Bland hit his stride with “Cry Cry Cry”, “I Pity The Fool” and the “Turn On Your Love Light.”

He will be missed.

Rapper Lil Snupe shot dead at 18

Credit: Dream Chasers

Credit: Dream Chasers

WINNFIELD, LA – Rising rapper and Meek Mill Protege Lil Snupe was shot and killed early Thursday morning. CBS affiliate KNOE was the first to break the story.

Snupe suffered two fatal gunshot wounds to the chest early Thursday morning at the Maplewood Apartment Complex in Winnfield. Paramedics were on scene and were unable to revive him.

Lil Snupe, born Addarren Ross, recently inked a deal with Mentor and Dream Chasers. Meek Mill, the CEO for Mentor and Dream Chasers, was performing at a concert when Snupe was able to pass a demo of his work to the rapper.

Snupe released his first mix-tape, ‘R.N.I.C.’, earlier this year and featured DJ Khaled, Curren$y, Trae the Truth, Meek Mill and Yo Gotti.

Meek Mill tweeted, “The streets killed my Lil nigga Snupe…I always told him don’t try 2 keep it real wit the streets…. Bcuz they won’t keep it real wit you”

Officials say they have a person of interest, but have yet to determine a motive in the killing.

Doobies flying high at Thunder Valley Casino

The Doobie Brothers

The Doobie Brothers

The Doobie Brothers performed at Thunder Valley Casino Resort to a packed house Friday night.

For anyone out there who doesn’t know the Doobie Brothers, they are a rock group formed in the ’70s and were originally called Pud. Yes, Pud. One can only thank the heavens they decided to change their name to the Doobie Brothers. And yes, their name comes from that stuff referred to as pot. When smoked it’s also referred to as a joint, reefer, stick, roach, or a doobie.

More Doobie Brother photos

Pat Simmons

Pat Simmons


Opening with “Jesus is Just Alright,” the eight man band consisting of two drummers, three guitarists, bassist, saxophonist, and keyboardist, kicked it into high gear from the very start. During their performance there were a lot of guitar changes, sometimes several per song. The guitars included four that were set up on their own stands waiting for those magical fingers of Tom Johnston (guitar, vocals), Pat Simmons (guitar vocals), John McFee (guitar, stings, vocals), and John Cowan (bass/vocals).

Tom Johnston

Tom Johnston

Other band members included Guy Allison (keyboard/vocals), Tony Pia (Drums), Marc Russo (sax), and Ed Toth (drums), with special guest Danny Hull.

As the sun made its way down, all the phones and cameras in the crowd were reminiscent of those late-night concerts with everyone holding up their lighters, paying homage to the band. The band got plenty of coverage with all those lights shining in the night.

John McFee

John McFee

The first few songs had the crowd on their feet cheering and singing along, as the band hit their stride, the crowd became a bit more subdued with many settling back down in their seats.

The band played a couple of songs off their 2010 album ‘World Gone Crazy,’ including “Brighter Day” and “World Gone Crazy.” You can hear the bands maturity both emotionally and musically in the songs from ‘World Gone Crazy.’ It’s obvious the group is comfortable with who they are and where they are going.

John Cowan

John Cowan

Looking at the makeup of the audience, it was quite apparent that The Doobie Brothers transcend generations, as young and old turned out to listen to one of their favorite bands.

Once they started playing “Takin it to the Streets,” it was all over as the crowd jumped to their feet and never sat back down.

Playing a tremendous rendition of “Don’t Start Me Talkin,” the band called up longtime friend, sax player and local Lincoln resident, Danny Hull, who brought his harmonica to the party. Sax player Marc Russo and Hull, armed with his harp, battled it out throughout the song with fans cheering them on.

Danny Hull

Danny Hull

When the band started “Black Water,” the crowd immediately joined in. Everyone was singing, including bartenders, security personnel, and ushers.

To anyone who didn’t make it out to the concert and thought to themselves – not interested in listening to some old boring southern style rock band, you made a huge mistake. Don’t make the same mistake next time.

It’s refreshing to see a band that has toured together for all these years and remain well grounded in who they are and still truly appreciate their fans. And to watch them onstage still having fun and engaging the audience is simply priceless.

Earlier this year tragedy struck the band as one of the founding members, drummer Michael Hossack, died. Remaining founding members include Tom Johnston and Pat Simmons with 30 year-plus veteran John McFee. The Doobies have sold over 30 million albums and continue to tour bringing their high energy performance to as many people as possible.The Doobie Brother

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This Sunday the AAA four diamond rated Thunder Valley Casino brings back their ever popular H2O pool party and with the Summer Concert Series just getting under way, you can expect even more fun filled concerts as they bring you comedian Kathy Griffin, rocker Sammy Hagar, ESPN Friday Night Fights, and so much more.

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Photo credits: Randy Miramontez

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