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Arturo Cisneros plays Thunder Valley

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Latinos flocked to Thunder Valley Casino Resort on Friday to see Arturo Cisneros Y sus Freddy’s perform in Pano Hall.

Cisneros was wildly popular in Mexico back in the 60’s and 70’s playing Spanish versions of American hit songs and his own original romantic ballads.

I was a bit concerned that Cisneros would be playing to an empty Pano Hall, when at 8:00 the hall was  half empty, or was it half full? That all changed within 5 minutes as Pano Hall started filling and by 8:05 was almost to capacity.

The crowd was somewhat subdued as the show began, but seemed to come to life as Cisneros started playing from his long list of hits.

This was an older crowd that was quite happy to remain in their seats. However, during several songs a number of people were getting up to dance.

At one point I was jarred awake by some booing. How rude! I was quite content to nap while taking in some good tunes, but I guess that just wasn’t meant to be. I realized the audience was booing a security guard for telling a couple dancing in the front row to move or sit down so others could see.

Security never gets a break.

The band was originally known as los Freddy’s until Cisneros left the group in 1994. He formed his own version of los Freddys’ touring under Arturo Cisneros Y sus Freddy’s. The new band included past los Freddy members Octavio Aguilar, Raziel de Lugo, and Ruperto Lopez

The Freddy’s that now make up the band are Octavio (keyboards), Ruperto (drums), Chall (bass), and Jorge (lead guitar).

I know, not a Fred in the lot – go figure. Protection Status

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