LED screen collapses injures 4 at festival


Photo: Website – Ultra Music Festival

According to CNN a large LED screen collapsed injuring 4 people Thursday night at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida.

The accident occurred around 7:45 p.m. during setup at the main stage, located in Bayfront Park.

Miami Fire Rescue stated that there were two crew members trapped upon arrival, with a total of four victims. One was treated and released at the scene with the other three being transported to Ryder Trauma Center. Two of the crew members are listed in critical condition

Authorities are inspecting the stage to ensure it’s structurally sound. The festival is set to begin tomorrow and spans two weekends.

The Ultra Music Festival posted on their Facebook page, “as preparations were being made for this weekend’s Ultra Music Festival, a section of an LED screen fell and injured two workers. Fire Rescue was on site so there was a rapid response. Festival organizers are working with, and supporting, authorities as they investigate the details behind the accident.”

This is the 15 year anniversary of the electronic dance music festival and the first time it will run over two weekends, with an expected attendance of over 330,000 fans. Protection Status

Scott Stapp to Release Tell All Book


Scott Stapp of Creed

Scott Stapp, Grammy Award winning voice of the multi-platinum selling band, Creed, announces his first tell-all memoir slated for an October 2, 2012 release. Recognized as one of the most accomplished artists of the modern rock era, Stapp’s memoir, Sinner’s Creed, unleashes behind the scene realities about his suicide attempts, alcohol-induced rampages and intimate details about his abusive childhood.

Stapp is no stranger to controversy in the media, yet through the rise and fall of fame, has managed to maintain his status as a multi-platinum artist selling more than 50 million albums worldwide. Die-hard Creed fans continue to line up for Creed tickets to watch Stapp deliver an unforgettable rock experience.

Scott Stapp collaborated with David Ritz of Rolling Stone Magazine to write a compelling story of his life. Ritz, a notable writer of biographies, has written memoirs for Janet Jackson and the best seller, “Divided Soul: The Life of Marvin Gaye.”

“The book describes my childhood, my internal battle with drugs and depression and how I lost control of my life,” says Scott Stapp. “My memoir reveals never before released details about my life and the challenges I’ve faced before coming to grips and finding sobriety.”

Sinner’s Creed is a riveting, untold story of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Finally, Stapp reveals what it is like to be at the height of controversy due to his fame, faith and addictions and why he has tried to avoid one-on-one interviews until now. The book discloses the true story of a man living on the edge at full tilt.  Sinner’s Creed is chock-full of page-turning experiences of a rock and roll visionary who was brought down to his knees by the pressures of fame, alcohol and an uncontrollable depression disorder. Through self-discovery and conviction, Scott Stapp was able to rise up again and walk a clean and sober path. In the midst of reconnecting with his fans while on tour, Scott has finally come full circle — a turnaround he credits to his renewed faith in God. Once a sinner, always a sinner, but what was once broken, has the power to heal.

Sinner’s Creed will go on sale October 2, 2012, available in hard copy and e-book versions through Tyndale Publishing. Visit, or


Fans Welcome Creed With Arms Wide Open


Creed – Click for more images

Friday night was a spiritual awakening of sorts as Creed brought their 2012 tour to Thunder Valley Casino Resort‘s outdoor amphitheater, with lead singer Scott Stapp providing an emotional, chest thumping performance befitting a true rock-star.

Opening band Like a Storm started the show off as temperatures hovered just over 100 degrees, with Chris Brooks (lead singer/guitar), and his two brothers, Matt (lead guitar), and Kent (bass), along with drummer Roye Robley.

The New Zealand band is no stranger to Creed, this will be their fourth tour with the band and after listening to them perform, it was obvious why Creed has them open the show.

The show was to begin at 7:30, so when Like a Storm took the stage at 6:50, the crowd was pretty sparse.  Kicking off with “Chemical Infatuation” and “Never Surrender,” they did a good job of getting the crowd up on their feet.

Like a Storm

Like a Storm – Click for more images

As Eve to Adam took the stage the seats were quickly filling in anticipation of Creed. With band members Taki Sassaris (lead vocals/guitar), Alex Sassaris (drums/backing vocals) and Gaurav Bali (guitar/backing vocals) they kicked off their set with”151″ and “No Regret.”

I would have preferred to see Like a Storm in the second slot. I thought they were far superior than Eve to Adam, and it would have been great to hear more songs from them.

The stage was dark as Creed band members Scott Stapp (lead vocals), Mark Tremonti (guitar), Scott Phillips (drums), and Brian Marshall (bass) quietly took the stage.

As the band started “Are You Ready,” the lights blasted on, bathing the audience in their brilliance, making it next to impossible to see what was happening onstage.

Eve to Adam

Eve to Adam – Click for more images

While the lighting on band members, including Stapp, was somewhat dark, the rest of the stage was lit up in various colors, with the audience getting the occasional dose of lights.

As the band went on to play “Torn” and “Wrong Way,” Stapp, who was already sweating profusely, continued pouring his heart and soul into each and every song. Stapp had total control over the audience as he would reach for the heavens with pained expressions and the occasional guttural scream.

Creed stuck to the music that got them where they’re at and only played one song, “A Thousand Faces,” from their latest album Full Circle.

Many fans believe Creed is a Christian band, but Creed has never seen themselves as a Christian band. In an interview Stapp was asked if he was a Christian artist, to which he responded, “I’m an artist who’s a Christian, because I don’t write music to be evangelical. Now, if that happens, it happens. My dad’s a dentist, and he’s a Christian. Now, does he put in Christian fillings? No, that’s just part of his three-dimensional life. Now, there are people that are Christian artists, because they have a purpose to be evangelical for Christ. I don’t feel I’ve been called to that yet. Now, that could change. There’s no telling what kind of call God will put on my life.“


Creed – Click for more images

I had the opportunity to ask Creed fan Angela Williams what she thought about the Concert. While she didn’t get a chance to see Like a Storm, she did see Eve to Adam and thought they rocked. As for Creed  . . . “Amazing, and they left us wanting more!”


Many fans after all these years were still comparing Creed to Pearl Jam and how much Stapp sounds like Eddie Vedder. Get over it people!! Creed has their own sound, their own personality, and their own legendary status ““ stop with the comparisons.

There’s still some great summer concerts left for Thunder Valley Casino’s Summer Concert Series.



That was One Sorry Concert at PBP!

LMFAO - Click for more images

Matthew Koma - Click for more images

LMFAO brought their Sorry for Party Rocking Tour to Power Balance Pavilion on Wednesday, playing to 7,000 adoring fans, most dressed in neon green and yellow, with some donning an afro wig (shoot – can I say afro?).

Before LMFAO came out to party rock, there were several starters on tap. Leading off the charge was Matthew Koma, who didn’t do it for me. Let’s just say by the time he was done, I was in a coma (that’s a joke. I really wasn’t in a coma). Apparently he’s an American Idol fan, as he add some Phil Phillip type mannerisms during parts of  his performance.

Eva Simons - Click for more images

Up to bat next was the very sexy Eva Simons who kicked some major butt. The Rhianna look-alike was energetic, sounded great, and looked even better! She sang several songs including her hit “Take Over Control” and her latest release “I Don’t Like You.” Expect to see bigger and better thing for Simons.

DJ Sidney Sampson brought his mixing skills as he weaved some great dance beats together, bringing much of the audience to their feet.

FM - Click for more images

If anyone’s seen Far East Movement (aka FM) before, you’ll understand what I mean when I say, they jumped up on stage. This crew has some wicked high energy and some real catchy tunes such as “Like a G6″ and “Round Round.”

With DJ Virman providing much of the tunes and Kev Nish providing lead vocals, FM energized the crowd in preparation for LMFAO as they bounce, hopped, skipped, and jumped on every inch of the stage. This included J-Splif and Prohgress who provided backup vocals and some entertaining moves.

In preparation for LMFAO’s appearance, several young ladies came out and threw flashing styrofoam glow-sticks to the audience. As I sat back and watched the audience you could see a sea of lime green as fans prepared themselves to party rock.

RedFoo - Click for more images


Prior to LMFAO making their appearance, a man dressed in the wildest glowing outfit sang  “Rocking the Beat” as the Quest dance crew did their thing. Berry Gordy’s son RedFoo and grandson SkyBlu (RedFoo is SkyBlu’s uncle) arrived on stage during “Rock the Beat” at the top of a two tiered stage, making for quite an entrance.

Dressed in their signature attire they started with “Sorry For Party Rocking” right out of the chute, causing the crowd to go absolutely crazy. As they were flying around the stage several members of their crew started throwing out beach balls, inflatable zebra’s, and palm trees.

There were several costume changes throughout the show, most notable was during “Put That A$$ to Work,” when several members of the crew came out in the most outrageous workout clothes imaginable. And yes, they were neon, bright, and way too revealing.

If you don’t like their music, don’t let that stop you from going to see a live performance. These two know how-to keep an audience totally engaged and completely entertained. It’s nothing but pure fun with a whole lotta neon – let’s not forget about the inflatable toys.





Kesha and a Whole Lotta Fun!!!

Sacramento Events

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Bringing her raunchiest of raunchy, her sleaziest of sleaze, and her ton, or two of glitter, Kesha brought her Get Sleazy tour to UC Davis Tuesday night. Opening acts were Spank Rock and LMFAO.

The Pavilion at the ARC was transformed into a rave party, complete with glitter, balloons, and top notch entertainment. Adding to the rave feel, the main floor was cleared of all seats giving people the opportunity to mingle during the quieter times, and dance during the show. And a rave party wouldn’t be complete without a few CO2 powered glitter canons spraying the audience in all that shiny stuff.

The audience was made up of mostly women. The few men I saw were either gay, or being dragged by their significant other to the concert. Poor schmucks had no idea how much fun they were going to have! Almost all the women donned glitter and some form of spandex or fishnet stockings. Yes, I did see a couple of guys mimicking LMFAO too, so it wasn’t just the ladies playing dress up.

The sad part about the audience was the large number of young kids that attended. I saw numerous grade school age kids running around the floor, apparently the parents off doing their own thing. Kesha and LMFAO are energetic and fun to party with, but a concert like this is no place for kids!


Sacramento Events

Click for more images

Featuring Redfoo and Sky Blu, LMFAO supercharged the audience before Kesha took the stage.

Now I’ve heard a number of their hit songs such as “Party Rock Anthem,” and “I’m in Miami Bitch,” but I had no idea what I was in for with these two clowns.

Sporting his signature glasses, arms painted bright neon yellow, green, pink, and wearing a tank top that read “Party Rock. It will get inya bones,” Redfoo came out rockin’ to “Rock the Beat”, with his nephew Sky Blu in tow. The duo was originally written off as a one-hit-wonder, only to emerge as a bona fide hit-making machine, leaving many critics scratching their heads.

They had acrobatics, beach balls, foam hands, CO2, a dancing panda, and who can forget the blow up zebra being bounced around the crowd. Later during the show I found the poor zebra off in a corner with a bunch of girls laughing at it. I called PETA and they laughed at me – how humiliating ““ poor zebra.

This was a totally high energy show with LMFAO making you feel right at home.  They gave the concert a “feel good” vibe from start to finish. Expect to hear a lot more from this duo in the future.

Sacramento Events

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By the time Kesha made it on stage the audience was in total rave mode, screaming, shouting and simply having a great time. All thanks to the opening acts, especially, LMFAO.

Kesha started off by telling everyone to “. . . Just be yourself,” then added, “Take off your clothes!”, which I proceeded to do, but people were looking at me kinda of funny and laughing, so I stopped ““ I think it must have been my Superman Underoos, but my wife thinks they were laughing at something else.

Dressed in fishnet stockings, glitter, and some wild ass glasses outlined in bright lights, Kesha came out singing the title track “Sleazy.” With her sleaziest garb and wonderfully naughty attitude, she had the audience’s attention, never letting go the entire show.

She sounded and looked phenomenal. While there were a few times she sounded out of breath, her voice was spot on and it sounded like I was listening to her live ““ crap, I was listening to her live, no wonder she sounded so good.

There are many people that haven’t given Kesha a chance. I think it’s because of her various styles and “live in the now” attitude. She’s tough to define, I get that, but that shouldn’t detract from her talent.

I see a mix of Iggy Pop, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and a little dose of Alice Cooper, all rolled into one delectable morsel of naughtiness.

Give her a listen and decide for yourself!

Kesha Set-list:
Take it Off
Fuck Him He’s a DJ
Dirty Picture
Blah Blah Blah
Party at a Rich Dude’s House
Harold Song
C U Next Tuesday
Grow a Pear
Your Love is My Drug
Tik Tok
We R Who We R
Fight For Your Right
LMFAO Set-list:
Rock the BeaT
Get Crazy
Take It to the Hole
Put That Ass to Work
I’m in Miami Bitch
Sexy & I Know It
One Day
Party Rock Anthem
Champagne Showers
Reminds Me of You
Lil Hipster Girl
Spank Rock Set-list:
Make’em Rock
DJ Special
Turn it Off
Race Riot B/O
B Day
Look at Me Now
Car Song


The Human League

The Human League teamed up with Men Without Hats at Thunder Valley Casino and Resort Wednesday night, playing to a less than packed house. Both groups are synthpop bands who got their start in the early ’80s. The Human League has had a number of hit songs since and in March of this year released their 10th album, “Credo,” 30 years after their first album.

Men Without Hats kicked off the evening playing a number of their hit songs, including “Moonbeam,” “Pop Goes the World” and “The Safety Dance.”

Men Without Hats - Click for more images

The only original band member, Ivan Doroschuk, came out donning a cowboy hat. He was bathed in red or blue light almost the entire time on stage. Doroschuk was very energetic, dancing back and forth across the stage, waving his arms in the air and looking like he was having a good time.

The music was loud, making it difficult to hear Doroschuk sing. I don’t believe he sounded that great, but that may have been because he was being drowned out by his own music. I was really disappointed, and it seemed the audience agreed. Only a handful of people were up on their feet until the last song “The Safety Dance,” when everyone was up on their feet.

I should have known the moment Doroschuk came on stage with a hat that this wasn’t going to be good. Let’s face it, Men Without Hats means men without hats. I kept looking for “America’s Got Talent”’s Piers Morgan in hopes that he could buzz them and be done with it. These guys were more reminiscent of a bad ’70s band than an ’80s revival band. Which reminds me – K.C. and the Sunshine band will be out at Thunder Valley Casino and Resort on September 18th. You don’t want to miss them, they’re great live. 😆

The Human League - Click for more images

Once The Human League took the stage, it all changed. These guys put on a great theatrical production, complete with a video backdrop with the drummer playing front and center of the screen. The video splashing all over the drummer made for a great look. Founding member and lead singer Philip Oakey was dressed in black with a black hood for the first song, “Never Let Me Go.” Oakey started by walking slowly into the spot light singing the chorus, “Go/ go/ go,” and then fading back, out of the light, until the next chorus. The whole time band mainstays Susan Anne Sulley and Joanne Catherall were singing and dancing in unison on both ends of the stage.

The Human League has evolved over the years but remains true to their unique electronic pop sound with smooth vocals overlaying synthesizers and digital keyboards.

They had the attention of the audience from the moment they stepped out on stage. They had several wardrobe changes, various videos playing in the background and good, solid vocals. All the band members were high energy, including Nic Burke, who was jumping from keyboards to guitars and back again.

I would highly recommend checking The Human League out the next time they are in town. They put on a great theatrical production and have a number of hits spanning several decades to enjoy.


Setlist 4 The Human League:    
Never Let Me Go (Credo)
Open Your Heart
Sound of the Crowd
Heart Like a Wheel
Egomaniac (Credo)
Empire State of Human
Night People (Credo)
Love Action
All I Ever Wanted
Tell Me When
Mirror Man
Don’t You Want Me

Being Boiled
Electric Dreams


Ke$ha to Play at UC Davis

My girl Ke$ha is playing at UC Davis’s, The Pavilion at the Park next Tuesday, September 13th at 7:30 p.m.

Now when my wife reads this, she’s going to kick my arse. You see, she can’t stand Ke$ha and thinks she’s just plain weird. While I understand that assessment, that doesn’t mean it’s true.

Here’s a girl with the girl-next-door good looks, tends to go for the sleazier look and has a bad reputation to boot. Now that statement just cinched it for me and about eighty percent of the guys out there. The other twenty percent are gay, and still love how she can be so nasty, yet so hot at the same time.

Okay, let’s forget about that and focus on her determination. She’s determined and downright focused. A good example of how determined she is? She actually went to a good friend of mine’s house. Yes! She actually paid a gardener five bucks to let her squeeze under the fence of Prince’s Beverly Hills home ““ Okay – maybe Prince isn’t a good friend,  at least that’s what the Judge told me just before sentencing me because of some stupid stalker law. The sad part about this story? That little stunt landed her back on the streets never to hear from the purple one again and I got 2 years probation for stalking! Come on Prince have a heart – drop the charges.

Regardless of her stunts, she’s made it big and now’s your chance to check out this little bundle of weirdness. Listen ““ If you can get over the weirdness and listen to the oneness of her stories .  .  .  crap .  .  . it’s getting late, several glasses of wine, and I think I’m starting to get poetic. I hate when that happens.

I’ll tell you what. You just get your butts out there and have a listen to this weird, whacked out, and strangely sexy young lady and decide for yourself, or click below for some examples. Just make sure you listen carefully to the words of her songs, because each one is telling a story, and each one has a lesson ““ a lesson about life ““ damn, there I go again.

Josh Groban

Sacramento Events

Click for more images - Make sure to click on slideshow!

Josh Groban and his team of very talented artists played to a capacity crowd at Power Balance Pavilion on Thursday night.

I was a little surprised when I arrived at around 7:30 and the opening act Eric Lewis, better known as ELEW, had already started. I double checked my ticket to find the opening act had started a tad early. The concert was scheduled to start at 8:00.

I was really looking forward to hearing his entire set. You see ELEW is a pianist and plays a melding of ragtime, rock and pop that he calls Rockjazz. (I just love saying pianist, it sounds so damn nasty). Well this dude was dressed more like a gladiator in his shiny silver arm band and black duds. He also played the friggin’ piano like a gladiator. Damn he was intense.

Then came the man of the hour and all the Grobanites, as his fans are referred to, rejoiced. The stage setup was high tech, yet intimate with Groban appearing on a small stage toward the middle of the crowd. By the end of the third song he made his way to the main stage.

The main stage was fabulously designed. Giving you an intimate feeling yet creating a larger than life set. The background was very high tech and appeared to be an ornate building. The color would change and during some songs it would change completely only to flash back into a solid wall.

Groban has a great stage presence and was pretty laid back in his delivery. With his velvety voice, sensitive demeanor and his boy next door good looks, it was obvious that the women in the audience were paying particularly close attention to everything he had to say. Giggling at things that weren’t even funny! Jeeez.

Groban went on to tell the audience how, at this very location, he was discovered in 1999 during Governor Gray Davis’ inauguration. At the time he was just 16 years old, and world-renowned multi-Grammy-winning producer/writer/arranger David Foster was in the audience when he performed. The rest as they say is history.

Throughout the concert Groban took questions that were texted to him from audience members. He gave their name, row, and seat number so the spot light could be shined on them while he answered their questions. He was asked – How do you like your eggs in the morning? Groban – Over easy with salsa. Another question was – What’s your next movie or TV role? Groban ““ The Office as Andy’s younger brother.

One audience member in particular, Beth Guido, had texted Groban letting him know how he’s been such an inspiration to her since she started singing. Groban immediately asked her on stage and even went out into the audience to bring her up. Trying to figure out what she would sing, Groban asked if it was anyone’s birthday. So Guido sang happy birthday, along with Groban, to audience member Lisa. Guido was awesome and the audience love it.

It was quite a moment when he ended the evening with his signature song “You Raise Me Up”. The audience was in awe and during the chorus everyone was singing along. It was one of those goose bump kinda moments.

Groban’s music isn’t for everyone and is more, what I would refer to as; gospel/crooner, but some would say pop music. Putting that aside, he is quite the entertainer mixing just the right amount of music with audience participation and good humor, and let’s face it ““ it was great just seeing the fabulously put together stage.

The Set-list for the evening was:Straight to You
Changing Colors
February Song
You are Loved
Bells of NYC
Higher Window
Alla Luce Del Sole
War at Home
Live and Let Die
Voce Overture
Broken Vow
Per TeEncore
Play me
You Raise Me Up


Deadly storm strikes Belgium’s Pukkelpop festival

In yet another stage collapse, it appears at least two people have died at Belgium’s Pukkelpop music festival, after a sudden storm caused not one but two stages to collapse.

Earlier reports had the number of dead initially at six but that numbers is continuing to be revised.

About 60,000 people were believed to be at the event, one of Europe’s largest outdoor festivals. Bands scheduled to perform included a number of American band’s including 30 Seconds to Mars, Foo Fighters and Rise Against.

UPDATE: Pukkelpop organizers have set up an information number at +32(0)11 23 97 11

Smith Westerns, a Chicago based band was playing, or about to play, when the stage they were on collapsed, narrowly missing the band members. All of their equipment was destroyed.

The mayor of the town Hasselt, where Pukkelpop is held, said forty people were injured. Again, this number is fluctuating as officials continue to work the situation.

Television images showed festival-goers bracing against strong winds and rain. Fallen debris could be seen strewn about the ground. There were some reports of trees being uprooted and smashing into the stage. Some believed it was a tornado that had touched down.

If you recall five people were killed last week at Indiana’s state fair when high winds caused the stage to collapse moments before Sugarland was to take the stage.

This is the latest of a string of stage collapses this concert season. All have been attributed to bad weather.

I’d hate to think that promoters and venues alike are reluctant to send people home in inclement weather due to monetary reasons. I would like to believe they are above that, but in light of recent events, I have to question some of the decisions that have been made.

I get that hindsight is 20/20, but as concert goers we have to ask ourselves – At what point do we take ownership of our safety and leave the concert, or at the very least seek shelter.

There’s a saying ““ The show must go on – no it doesn’t – That’s why they have insurance! Next time cancel or reschedule. People will get over it.


Sugarland Stage Collapse Kills 5

Sugarland was preparing to take the stage at Indiana’s State Fair on Saturday night when a 60 to 70 mile per hour wind tore down the stage leaving 4 dead and 40 injured.

Nobody from Sugarland was injured thanks to the bands tour manager who moments before they were to go onstage, held them back for a few minutes in hopes that the weather would change. During this time the band was in their traditional pre-concert prayer circle.

Singer Sara Bareilles had just wrapped up her opening set and was off the stage just before the catastrophe. She later tweeted ““ “I’m speechless and feel so helpless. Please send love and prayers to Indianapolis tonight. My heart aches for the lives lost.”

Other artists took to Twitter as well

blakeshelton Blake Shelton : My prayers to the people at the Sugarland concert in Indianapolis…. Absolutely shocking and hard to comprehend… Beyond belief…

martinamcbride Martina McBride: So sad to hear about the State Fair in Indianapolis. Our prayers are with Sugarland, their fans, and all the personnel working there.

kelly_clarkson Kelly Clarkson: Just saw video footage of the stage collapsing at Sugarland‘s show in Indiana. Oh my gosh that is maybe one of scariest things I’ve ever seen. I pray everbody on their crew and band or okay

This is the third such incident this concert season. Earlier this month, severe weather caused a stage to collapse in Oklahoma where Primus and Flaming Lips were set to perform.

And last month the stage collapsed at a Cheap Trick concert at the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfes in Canada.

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