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EndFest brings the heat to Placer County Fairgrounds

Ed Sheeran performs at 107.9's EndFest 2014

Ed Sheeran performs at 107.9’s EndFest 2014

ROSEVILLE, CA – On a hot and blustery Mother’s Day, Sacramento radio station 107.9 The End hosted their annual EndFest concert at Roseville’s Placer County Fairgrounds, with close to 4,000 fans flocking to the show.

This year’s EndFest featured English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, who recently appeared on the competition show, The Voice, as Christina Aquilera’s mentor. Joining Sheeran was pop-singer Austin Mohone, The ChainSmokers, Hot Chelle Rae and the San Francisco Bay Area duo Kalin and Myles.

Gavin co-host of The Wake Up Call

Gavin co-host of The Wake Up Call

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The End’s morning crew from The Wake Up Call, consisting of Katie, Gavin and Jason, took the stage to introduce Kalin and Myles, but first handed out several upgraded seats allowing winning fans to sit inside the pit for Kalin and Myles set. Throughout the show, the team would announce a new set of winners and rotate them through the pit.

170.9's EndFest 2014

Kalin and Myles

Kalin White and Myles Parrish opened their set with “Go to Work” followed by a medley of songs, much to the excitement of the mostly young female crowd. DJ duties fell to Myles’ brother Jacob who goes by DJ JaykeeP.

Mid-way through their performance, the pair had fans cheering when Myles shot into the air and performed a flip in mid-air as Kalin helped propel him across the stage.

Gavin blessing the crowd

Gavin blessing the crowd

The duo cut their set short when some fans, who had been sitting in the wind and afternoon heat all afternoon, started having physical problems, mostly due to dehydration. Fans requiring medical attention were pulled into the pit by security and radio station personnel who handed them over to waiting medical staff provided by Rock Med. At least one person was taken out on a stretcher.

Orphan Andrew helping fans

Orphan Andrew helping fans

Organizers immediately jumped into action with crew members handing out free bottled water. Radio personalities Gavin and Jason were also handing out water to people in front. People in turn were passing the water bottles toward the center of the crowd, where they were needed most. Warning audience members to put their phones away, one staff member began hosing down the crowd with a garden hose.

Nash Overstreet (L) and Ryan Follese of Hot Chelle Rae

Nash Overstreet (L) and Ryan Follese of Hot Chelle Rae

Due to the number of problems, fans were asked a number of times during the show to back away from the stage and give each other some room.

Hot Chelle Rae was up next kicking off their show with “Never Have I Ever,” with the crowd joining in on the chorus. Brothers Ryan (lead vocals) and Jamie Follese (drums) were joined by Nash Overstreet.

In between sets, radio personality Christopher K. brought a couple of surprise guests. Clair Crawley from season 18 of the reality TV show ‘The Bachelor’ and YouTube sensation Dani Noe.

Dani Noe and Christopher K.

Dani Noe and Christopher K.

The Chainsmokers, a pair of singing, songwriting DJ’s consisting of Andrew Winter and Alex Pall brought cheers from the crowd as they hit the stage playing their unique style of music. During their set they tossed a number of extremely large donuts out into the crowd. The crowd cheered when the duo finished off with their hit “Selfie.”

Austin Mahone brought his A-game and a few of his friends in the form of dancers, as the crew stormed the stage and really worked the crowd into frenzy.

Andrew Taggart (L) and Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers

Andrew Taggart (L) and Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers

After performing “Shawty Shawty”, Malone yelled out to the crowd to step back and told officials to get an ailing concertgoer some help in the middle of the crowd, as he pointed to the fan.

Elevating his status to saint for some parents, Mahone went on to warn the crowd that he would not continue his performance until the crowd stepped back. Making good on his promise, a band member started playing a soft quiet piece on the keys in an effort to calm the crowd. After about 10 minutes Mahone came back on stage and performed John Legends “All of Me,” followed by a shout out to all the mothers in the audience, dedicating “Always be My Baby” in recognition of Mother’s Day.

Who wants a selfie!! Click for more crowd shots!

Who wants a selfie!!
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After completing the two slow songs, Mahone shouted “What do you say we pick it back up a little bit,” only to be followed by an announcement looking for several missing children. Once he got started back up, he continued with “MMM Yeah” and ended his set with “What About Love.”

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Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone

Ed Sheeran, armed with a guitar and no band, proceeded to play “”You Need Me” followed by “Lego House.” In between songs Sheeran explain he was using a new Loop Station, designed to repeat, in the form of a beat, anything it records.

During his performance Sheeran would strum a few chords, recording them on the Loop Station and then play those back while playing his guitar over the freshly recorded beats. Voila – no band required. Sheeran finished off his set with “The A Team” and “Sing.”

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

Anyone attending an outdoor concert needs to stay hydrated at all times. Due to the many young fans at Sunday’s concert, dehydration was a problem. Many people were waiting hours for the gates to open and the show to begin. With the excitement of the day and the building anticipation leading up to the start of the concert, most fans stationed upfront, were reluctant to give up their coveted positions and sacrificed some much needed water.

Here are a few things you should know about dehydration

Everybody wants a selfie!

Everybody wants a selfie!

Dehydration is perhaps the most common health concern at any outdoor event. Because of this, anyone attending an outdoor event should always bring enough water with them as well as something to eat.

If you begin to feel faint, dizzy, or disoriented you should head over to medical tents, or other area designated for first aid.

There are two types of heat exhaustion:

Water depletion. Signs include excessive thirst, weakness, headache, and loss of consciousness.

Salt depletion. Signs include nausea and vomiting, frequent muscle cramps, and dizziness.

Although heat exhaustion isn’t as serious as heat stroke, it isn’t something to be taken lightly. Without proper intervention, heat exhaustion can progress to heat stroke, which can damage the brain and other vital organs, and even cause death.

Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water! Protection Status

Jingle Ball rocks Sacramento Memorial Auditorium

Fans enjoy Panic! at The Disco

Fans enjoy Panic! at The Disco
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SACRAMENTO, CA – It was quite a night Saturday as The End (Radio 107.9) brought their annual Jingle Ball to the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium.

The lineup for the night was headed up by Fall Out Boy, Panic! at The Disco, Emblem3, American Authors, Kalin and Myles and Sacramento’s own Cimorelli.

Sac's own Cimorelli

Sac’s own Cimorelli
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Sacramento Memorial Auditorium was at capacity as the show kicked off with Cimorelli, a group of six sisters who hail from Sacramento. They started their set with “Renegade” as fans cheered, with many girls in the audience screaming out the name of their favorite sister.

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The Cimorelli’s formed as a group in 2007 with five of the oldest sisters, Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy and Lauren. In the beginning the girls would record cover songs and load them to YouTube. In 2010 younger sister Dani joined the team.

Jingle Ball 2013

Jingle Ball 2013
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In 2012 the Cimorelli’s won “The Bieber-Off”, a contest by Ryan Seacrest where contestants covered Justin Bieber songs. That same year the group was nominated for “Choice Web Star” at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards.

Kalin (R) helps Myles to get airborne

Kalin (R) helps Myles to get airborne

Kalin and Myles followed Cimorelli and would have been better suited starting the show. They kicked off their set with “Keep Up,” followed by a medley of songs. The San Francisco Bay Area duo consists of Kalin White & Myles Parrish.

At one point in their performance, Myles shot into the air and did a flip in mid-air as Kalin helped propel him across the stage. The two should take note of Jason Derulo’s misfortune last year when he was rehearsing for an upcoming tour. When Derulo attempted an acrobatic move he landed on his head and ended up with a broken neck.

Christopher K talks to the lucky winners who were allowed onstage

Christopher K talks to the lucky winners who were allowed onstage

Read: Jason Derulo takes a header

In between sets the audience was treated to some video clips of the morning crew from The End including Katie, Jason and Gavin. Ashley Nickels, Christopher K and Orphan Andrew were onstage bantering back and forth and giving away a chance to be onstage as bands performed.

Andrew and Christopher calling Katie

Andrew and Christopher calling Katie

During one of the set changes, which seemed to be taking quite a while, Christopher K and Orphan Andrew called Katie from the morning crew. They had her on speaker phone as the crowd listened in, with fans cheering excitedly as soon as they heard her voice.

American Authors

American Authors
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American Authors, with their drum infused sound, jumped up onstage playing “Believer,” with lead singer Zac Barnett pounding out some tunes along with drummer Matt Sanchez. Rounding out the group was James Adam Shelley (guitar) and Dave Rublin (bass).

Zak Barnett with American Authors

Zak Barnett with American Authors

Barnett owned the stage and provided a great performance, especially when he attacked the snare drum. When the group struck up “Best Day of My Life,” fans sang along through the entire song with screams inserted for good measure.


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Sadly American Authors were held to only three songs and Emblem3 who followed American Authors didn’t fare any better as their set was cut short due to time. By the time Emblem3 took the stage the crowd was chanting ‘Emblem3.’

Keaton Stromberg with Emblem3

Keaton Stromberg with Emblem3

Emblem3 started with “Spaghetti,” followed by a couple of acoustic songs including “Just For One Day.” The band was cutoff at four songs. According to their set-list they were scheduled to perform seven songs. Band member included Wesley Stromberg (vocals/guitar), Keaton Stromberg (bass) and Drew Chadwick (lead vocals/guitar).

Panic! at The Disco

Panic! at The Disco

The crowd was re-energized as soon as Panic! At the Disco stormed the stage with “Time to Dance” and “Mona Lisa” as front man Brendon Urie pulled all the stops fully engaging fans with his vocals as well as his facial expressions. Joining Urie onstage was Dan Pawlovich (drums),  Kenneth Harris (guitar) and Dallon Weekes (bass).

Fall Out Boy

(LR) Joe Trohman, Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy

Urie really got the crowd going when the group set off on a medley of songs from the ‘80s including Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” and AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long.” They ended their set with “Vegas Lights” and “I Write Sins not Tragedies.”

Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy

Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy
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Just when I thought the crowd couldn’t get any louder, they did. As soon as Fall Out Boy showed up onstage all hell broke loose as fans screamed in preparation of the first note.

Kicking off their set with “The Phoenix” and “I Slept With Someone,” was band member Patrick Stump (lead vocals), Pete Wentz (bass), Joe Trohman (guitar) and Andy Hurley (drums).

While their stage presence wasn’t as strong as Panic! at The Disco, they made up for it with the strong vocals of Stump. Wentz and Trohman did bounce around the stage quite a bit and took full advantage of a couple of platforms on the stage as they jumped from one to the other.

Fans enjoy Fall Out Boy

Fans enjoy Fall Out Boy

Stump announced that the band was going to forego the encore (leaving the stage and coming back out) due to time constraints, so they continue on with the two final songs, which were to be their encore, “Thnks fr th Mmrs” and “Saturday.”

Each and every band was stellar in their performance. It appeared there were some issues with sound early on, which may have attributed to the longer than desired set changes. In The End, I believe Panic! At the Disco came close to stealing the show, but Fall Out Boy came through with an outstanding performance, making a perfect ending to a great night.

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Jasmine’s in the air at the Fountains

Jasmine V – Click for more images

Jasmine Villegas, better known as Jasmine V. was at the Fountains at Rosevilleon Sunday in support of AT&T’s No Text On Board tour, as throngs of Jasminators (as her fans are known) turned out in support of their favorite pop singer.

The 18 year old Villegas is an up and coming R&B, pop singer and has made appearances in Justin Bieber’s music video for his hit single “Baby,” as well as the Kid’s Choice Awards. She’s also made a few appearances in Bieber’s most recent tour.

AT&T is using the No Text On Board Tour to get the word out about texting and driving. Their tagline is #itcanwait and you can take the pledge at

They can’t get the word out quick enough! I had several near misses on the way over to the fountains as people continue to text, use their phones, and do other idiotic things while driving. People, I’d like to get to where I’m going without having to perform numerous defensive maneuvers.

Jasmine’s brothers Jream Andrew and Justin

Since Villegas’ performance was scheduled at the last minute, the Fountains at Roseville, as well as local radio station 107.9 The End had very little time to get the word out. Not a lot of fans showed up, but the diehard fans who follow Villegas through social media were able to get the inside scoop as she tweeted;

“#SacramentoAreaJasminators my No Text On Board Tour sponsored by @ATT is coming to Fountains at Roseville Center 9/9 @2pm RT if u’re coming!?”

Jasminators greet their hero – Click for more images

As around 600 fans gathered around the stage Villegas’ older brother Jream Andrew was entertaining the crowd along with younger brother Justin, by asking the crowd questions about Jasmine such as;

“What was the title of Jasmine’s first music video?” – answer: “I Own This”

The first person to answer the questions correctly won a ticket to Paranorman, or a T-shirt compliments of The End.

Right away Villega’s invited a number of young ladies up onstage to dance to her hit “Werk.” She followed up with “Jealous,” as fans kept shouting out that they loved her.

Front row for these ladies – compliments of The End.

Villegas sang a song with her brother Jream and then Jream went solo with “Grillin.” There were a number of Jream fans with signs, as well as plenty of signs for Villega’s.

Villegas ended the set with “Just a Friend.” Afterward the fans were treated to a meet and greet.

It’s great that AT&T is sponsoring these types of events. Texting while driving is extremely irresponsible, selfish, and just downright stupid – so please don’t!




The End for Cher Lloyd and Her Brats

Cher Lloyd

“Brats” waiting for Cher Lloyd – click for more images

Cher Lloyd

Sing Inc. posing with Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd continued her radio show promo tour in support of her upcoming album Sticks and Stones, which is due out in September. Stopping at the Roseville Galleria she entertained close to 2,000 brats (as her fans are referred to).

Sacramento radio station 107.9 The End hosted the event with Christopher K., Dan Mason, Ashley Nickels, and the morning Wake Up Call’s Katie, Jason, and Gavin.

Chris asked the crowd how long they had been waiting, with some in the crowd screaming 8 hours!

As the mostly young female audience waited patiently for Lloyd, they were entertained by Sing Inc. Pop Academy, as an all-female crew took the stage singing a variety of hits such as Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” Kelly Clarkson’s “Good Girl,” and One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Cher Lloyd – Click for more images

The screaming started in earnest as the 19 year old Lloyd made her way to the stage from her, completely wrapped in all things Cher Lloyd, tour bus.

Starting off her brief acoustical set with Usher’s “OMG,” the brats made certain she knew they were there as they screamed, “‘I love you Cher’. After her first song Lloyd asked the crowd, “Hello, how are you?” which only caused the screams to jump up a few decibels.

Christopher K.

Christopher K. taking photos with his fans

Lloyd continued on with only two more songs “Superhero” and “I Want You Back.’ During “I Want You Back,” you could hear most of the crowd singing and doing some serious grunting along with Lloyd.

As she finished her set Chris asked her a number of questions including how many tattoos she has, which is currently a total of 20, but she’s looking to do a complete sleeve on her arm.

You can see videos of her at the Galleria and her interview with Chris at The End Online.

You can pre-order her new CD due out on September 18th



The End for Power Balance Pavilion

(LR) Jason, Gavin, and Katie from The End’s morning show

For all you Sacramentans out there ““ Made you look!

107.9 The End held their annual EndFest at Power Balance Pavilion Friday night with Headliner and Disney alum Demi Lovato, American Idol runner up Adam Lambert, Owl City, and singing duo Karmin.

Karmin with Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan were slightly delayed due to an interview on the east coast for ABC’s Good Morning America. Flying from New York to San Francisco, then driving to Sacramento on a Friday afternoon wasn’t the best of ideas, but luckily, for everyone involved, it all worked out.

True to form the kind folks from The End were selecting a number of lucky fans to come up and sit onstage during the performers set. In attendance from 107.9 The End were the Wake Up Call’s own Katie, Jason, and Gavin, along with Dan Mason, Ashley Nickels, and the very entertaining, very talented, and all around nice guy Chris K. (we’re Facebook friends so were like really close, right Chris? ““ Chris? He must not have time to read this, after all he is a very busy man).


Karmin – Click for more images

As Karmin kicked off their set with “Crash Your Party,” the audience erupted into screams as the mostly young female audience let loose some blood-curdling screams.

Karmin is a site to see as lead singer Heidemann came out with her pin-up girl looks, and pop-star attitude, sporting one hell of a hairdo. As she started belting out her Katy Perry sound, coupled with her blazing Nicki Manaj-like rapping, I could have sworn there were two people wrapped into this amazingly dynamic package.

Karmin went on to play “Hello,” from their new album of the same title. Of course their set wouldn’t be complete without the song that got them here, Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now.” They wrapped it up with their hit single “Broken Hearted.”

Up next was Owl City, best known for their hit song “Fireflies,” they came out singing “Cave In.” I say “their” hit song, but Owl City is a one-man-band who goes by the name of Adam Young (lead vocals, programming, keyboards, piano, synthesizers, guitars, bass guitar, drums, percussion, vibraphone) – I know quite the list.

Adam Young

Adam Young – click for more images

Young does bring along a few friends to help him out while touring. Among them are Breanne Düren (keyboards, backing vocals), Daniel Jorgensen (guitar, vibraphone), Jasper Nephew (guitar), and Steve Goold (drums).

Owl City played a number of their newer songs including “Dementia” and “Meteor Showers.” Of course they also threw in their old standby “Fireflies.”

Adam Lambert sashayed out on stage wearing what appeared to be a lighted pair of pants, but my eyes were deceiving me. Turns out they were a very reflective and very shiny pair of pants with a tiger pattern in black and silver. I say sashayed, but he really strutted more than sashayed, but out of respect for his gayness, I thought I would say sashayed.

What? Where are you going? It was just a joke ““ Wonderful, I just lost half my readers.

Lambert kicked some major butt during the very short time he was onstage as he flawlessly performed songs from his new album including “Trespassing,” “Kickin “‘In,” and “Naked Love.”

I was quite surprised when Lambert didn’t end his set with “Whataya Want From Me,” which is clearly his biggest hit to date.

Lambert could easily have headlined this show, which may be why “they” kept him to only and handful of songs, leaving the audience wanting more. Many of the fans waited in anticipation for him to come back out and perform an encore.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert – Click for more images

After a brief set change, Demi Lovato arrived on stage as screaming fans greeted her. Many people around me had to plug their ears for fear of blowing out an ear drum or two. In fact, after a couple of songs into Lovato’s set you could see a number of audience members leaving the pavilion. Was it Lovato not being able to hold their attention, or simply the discomfort of all the screaming?

Lovato played several covers including Lil Waynes “How to Love” and Lady Antebellum’s “American Honey.” She also played her smash hit “Give Your Heart a Break.”

If you measured this concert purely on decibels, I would say the show belonged to Lovato as every girl under the roof screamed throughout her set, but I would have preferred to see more of Lamberts work, let’s face it those pants were hot!

While you’ll see a number of photos from the show, you will notice I’m lacking Lovato’s. It appears that Lovato has been so successful and in the media so much, that her management team didn’t think SacAndBeyond was worthy to shoot her portion of the show. I know ““ my therapists didn’t understand it either.

If you haven’t been to a concert put on by The End, it’s well worth it, and you never know, you could End up with some really great onstage seating!

Jingle Balls Rock

Hey it’s almost Christmas! How do I know? Well they just had their umpteenth annual Jingle Ball concert out at Power Balance Pavilion on Thursday, signaling the start of the Christmas season. In fact, I believe it’s their fourteenth annual Jingle Ball.

107.9 The End hosted the party with performances by JoJo, Breathe Carolina, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, and headliner Selena Gomez.

Due to the number of artists the first few were held to three songs. In between performances The End’s own Christopher K, working with many of the other on-air talent, were upgrading attendees from the nose bleed section to front row seats. These were some serious front row seats too. They were onstage and to the side within in a few feet of the actual performance.

Click for more images of JoJo

Opening the show was JoJo who played to a less than enthusiastic crowd. She wore her standard midriff top and jeans ““ the better to show off her fine physique. Singing a few of her hits including “A Little too Late,” she was able to engage the crowd and get most of them on their feet. However, the audience didn’t seem overly enthusiastic.

The lack of audience feedback and enthusiasm was somewhat disappointing. In between performances host Christopher K. and crew continued to work the crowd and at times was successful in getting their juices flowing. As each artist took the stage, the crowd would bounce back up on their feet to dance and sing to their favorite songs, but the crowd still appeared to be less enthusiastic than from past shows.

Click for more images of Breathe Carolina


David Schmitt and Kyle Even who make up Breathe Carolina got off to a rocky start and never completely recovered. Schmitt, known for his use of the auto-tune and vocoder to compliment his voice, sounded flat and off-key. While their performance was entertaining to watch, with Schmitt rocking every inch of the stage, it was also disappointing to listen to. Hopefully next time they remember to bring all their gear and double check that it’s plugged in and ready to rock. Either that, or try not to schedule a gig when mercury is in retrograde (hey it’s an astrology thing).


Click for more images Cobra Starship



Next up was synthpop sensation Cobra Starship with Gabe Saporta (lead singer), Ryland Blackinton (guitar), Victoria Asher (keyboards), Nate Novarro (drums), and Alex Suarez (bass). They sang a number of their hit songs including “You Make Me Feel.” Saporta had great stage presence and paid quite a bit of attention to keyboardist Asher. They played off of each other quite well and it made for a great set. Oh ““ and they sounded great too.

Click for more images of Gym Class Heroes with Neon Hitch



Following Cobra Starship was New York’s hip-hop band Gym Class Heroes with Travie McCoy leading the charge. Singing a number of their hits including “Stereo Hearts,” featuring Adam Lavine in the background, lead singer Travie McCoy was constantly playing to the crowd.

Just prior to their third song McCoy invited the amazing Neon Hitch onstage to sing their song “Ass Back Home.” Hitch was amazing and dazzled the audience with her over the top costume complete with an Indian style headdress.


Click for more images of Selena Gomez

Nineteen year old Selena Gomez made her way up on stage in a red sequined top and short white skirt singing “Year Without Rain.” Her singing was flawless with a solid stage presence. She interacted with members of the band throughout her performance adding to her charm.

Gomez sang a long list of hits ending her set with “Naturally” and “Who Says.”

While I believe the enthusiasm of some was lacking, there were a few fans that brought more than enough enthusiasm for everyone. One such girl won the chance to take a seat on stage and she wouldn’t stop screaming, obviously excited to be there. Another young lady, Megan Ray, won tickets and decided to write an article for her school paper at Vacaville High, and was given access to the pit area to take pictures, along with all the other photographers. Armed with her point and shoot and a whole lotta love for the bands, she was rocking all night long. She screamed on several occasions when one of the performers got close, or glanced her way.

It was quite a show packed with a lot of talent. Now that it’s over I can start planning my Christmas ““ bah humbug!

Selena’s Setlist:

A Year Without Rain
Hit the Lights
Round and Round
Bang Bang Bang
Love You Like a Love Song
The One That Got Away
Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
Who Says

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