Madison Hudson drops “Too Shy” on iTunes today!

Madison Hudson onstage at Thunder Valley Casino Resort

The 14 year old music phenom from Wheatland, California released her latest single “Too Shy,” on iTunes today(UPDATE – now available on Amazon). This is her 3rd single to be released

Hudson’s first single “I Don’t Care,” was released when she was only 13. She followed that up with “Tommy,” which has a great driving beat and allowed Hudson to showcase her vocals, punctuating the reason I believe this young lady is headed for the big time. You can also view “Tommy” on Youtube featuring some of her friends.

So what do we have to look forward to with “Too Shy?” It’s a catchy tune with a memorable chorus that will have listeners singing along after their first listen. There’s also some great guitar work interspersed throughout the song.

According to Hudson, “Too Shy” is really about her personality and how she’s always been the shy type.

It’s a great tune that tells a story of how she wants to let someone know how much she cares for them but she’s too shy. While the lyrics are pretty much what you’d expect from a 14 year old, her sound is not so typical and you can hear as you listen to each of her singles how she is quickly growing as an artist.

Go over to iTunes or Amazon and check it out!

Better yet, buy all three of her singles to show your support and then you can tell all your friends you heard her first! Protection Status

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