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Adam Ant – A reawakening

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Adam Ant
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SACRAMENTO, CA – Adam Ant is back and in top form as he entertained fans, young and old, at Ace of Spades Wednesday night.

Born Stuart Leslie Goddard, Adam Ant was an ‘80s sensation bringing fans hits like, “Stand and Deliver,” “Prince Charming” and “Goody Two Shoes.” Ant was also the first to make dressing like a pirate sexy, paving the way for the likes of Johnny Depp.

The women love him and in the 80’s, MTV viewers voted him the sexiest man alive and he was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1982. Live performances found women fawning over his every move onstage, and his hot-dogging behavior only provoked more screams and excitement from the ladies.

Adam Ant

Adam Ant

Now that he’s back after a long hiatus from the music world, how are women reacting? Still screaming!

As Ant took the stage he was sporting his traditional pirate garb including his signature eye liner, goatee, bandana, and some fairly strong eyeglasses. He went right to work, singing one of his new songs and then dishing out hit after hit, as the mostly older crowd reacted to every word. Most of the fans were singing along and raising their camera phones to snap a few pics of the born-again pop-star.

To all of those fans who like to raise their cameras over their head to get a better photo/video – there are people behind you!

Adam Ant

Adam Ant

The British born rocker kicked off his set with his new song “Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter,” from his latest album ‘Adam Ant is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter.’ The song title is a play on an old naval term for being bent over a cannon and flogged. According to Ant, this reminds him of his experiences with major record labels. His latest album is on his own record label, Blueblack Hussar Records.

The 58-year-old followed up with “Dog Eat Dog,” “Beat My Guest” and “Kick,” as he swung the microphone stand around and twirled as if he was back in the ‘80s. Women reacted to every movement and whenever he made eye contact with some unsuspecting woman, she’d scream in pure bliss.

As his performance continued, Ant started taking off his pirate vest and eventually his shirt, exposing his arms which were sporting a number of tattoos.

Adam Ant

Adam Ant

On his left arm he had a tattoo of Admiral Lord Nelson’s inspirational last prayer before the infamous battle of Trafalgar, and below that an image of his grandfather who served in the navy during World War One. Another tattoo on his right arm is an Oscar Wilde quote: “Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.”

While Ant played most his older songs, he did throw in a few new songs from his current album including “Cool Zombie,” a song about his time living in Tennessee and his neighbor Ronnie B. who introduced him to country music.

I thought Ant did a fantastic job and remained energetic throughout his performance. Everyone in attendance seemed to agree based on their reaction.

Adam Ant

Adam Ant

I do believe Ant made a mistake when he played “Goody Two Shoes” earlier in the set and performed “Red Scab” and “Physical” for his encore. “Goody Two Shoes” by far got the biggest reaction out of the crowd and would have been a much stronger ending to an already wonderful performance.

So where has Ant been all these years?

In 1995 Ant disappeared from the public eye after his tour in support of his new album at the time, ‘Wonderful.” He spent most of that time raising his daughter while being treated for bipolar disorder. Twelve years later he released his autobiography ‘Stand & Deliver,” documenting his childhood and his well-documented mental-health battles.

It wasn’t until 2010 that the public would get a glimpse of the pop-star after he formed a new band called Adam Ant & The Good, the Mad & the Lovely Posse and began touring around London.

Prima Donna's lead singer Kevin Preston

Prima Donna’s lead singer Kevin Preston

In 2013, after selling out USA and UK tours in 2012, Ant went on to release a new album, ‘Adam Ant is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter.’  The album, a musical autobiography with 17 musical stories about Adam’s life and things that interest him, debuted at #8 on The Official Chart in the UK and climbed to #3 on the UK Indie Albums Chart.

Ant has been touring in the US since July 17 and has visited over 40 cities. He will be concluding his current tour in Anaheim on September 21.

Opening the show was Prima Donna a Southern California band that has put together a successful mix of glam, punk and rock all into one. They put on quite a performance with lead singer Kevin Preston rocking out on his guitar and jumping into the air and landing on his knees.

Photo credit: Randy Miramontez Protection Status

Jasmine’s in the air at the Fountains

Jasmine V – Click for more images

Jasmine Villegas, better known as Jasmine V. was at the Fountains at Rosevilleon Sunday in support of AT&T’s No Text On Board tour, as throngs of Jasminators (as her fans are known) turned out in support of their favorite pop singer.

The 18 year old Villegas is an up and coming R&B, pop singer and has made appearances in Justin Bieber’s music video for his hit single “Baby,” as well as the Kid’s Choice Awards. She’s also made a few appearances in Bieber’s most recent tour.

AT&T is using the No Text On Board Tour to get the word out about texting and driving. Their tagline is #itcanwait and you can take the pledge at

They can’t get the word out quick enough! I had several near misses on the way over to the fountains as people continue to text, use their phones, and do other idiotic things while driving. People, I’d like to get to where I’m going without having to perform numerous defensive maneuvers.

Jasmine’s brothers Jream Andrew and Justin

Since Villegas’ performance was scheduled at the last minute, the Fountains at Roseville, as well as local radio station 107.9 The End had very little time to get the word out. Not a lot of fans showed up, but the diehard fans who follow Villegas through social media were able to get the inside scoop as she tweeted;

“#SacramentoAreaJasminators my No Text On Board Tour sponsored by @ATT is coming to Fountains at Roseville Center 9/9 @2pm RT if u’re coming!?”

Jasminators greet their hero – Click for more images

As around 600 fans gathered around the stage Villegas’ older brother Jream Andrew was entertaining the crowd along with younger brother Justin, by asking the crowd questions about Jasmine such as;

“What was the title of Jasmine’s first music video?” – answer: “I Own This”

The first person to answer the questions correctly won a ticket to Paranorman, or a T-shirt compliments of The End.

Right away Villega’s invited a number of young ladies up onstage to dance to her hit “Werk.” She followed up with “Jealous,” as fans kept shouting out that they loved her.

Front row for these ladies – compliments of The End.

Villegas sang a song with her brother Jream and then Jream went solo with “Grillin.” There were a number of Jream fans with signs, as well as plenty of signs for Villega’s.

Villegas ended the set with “Just a Friend.” Afterward the fans were treated to a meet and greet.

It’s great that AT&T is sponsoring these types of events. Texting while driving is extremely irresponsible, selfish, and just downright stupid – so please don’t!




WTF Department: Cher Lloyd booed offstage

Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd – Click for more images

X-factor alum Cher Lloyd was recently booed off stage in London, at the annual V Festival at Hylands Park in Chelmsford.

Apparently the 19 year old Lloyd was only two songs into her set when the booing started. She left the stage in tears after someone threw a bottle that contained urine at the “‘Swagger Jagger’ singer.

You read that right ““ a bottle of friggin urine. WTF?

Come on people! Why the hell would someone throw a bottle of urine at somebody like Cher Lloyd, who is all of 5 foot nothing. Actually, what would make someone throw a bottle of urine at anyone?

The bigger question is why the hell was someone toting around a bottle of urine?

After a few minutes Lloyd came back out and told the crowd;

“It’s hard enough being up here, but it’s not nice having bottles of piss chucked at you.”

Taking to Twitter after the show Lloyd wrote, “Thank you so much for all the nice messages, shame that a couple of people had to ruin it. Unfortunately a glass bottle got thrown at me on stage. Tomorrow is another day, big love to my brats!!!”

Her fans are referred to as Brats.

Last year Lloyd admitted that she was afraid to leave her house due to the amount of negative criticism she was receiving. At the time she was quoted as saying, “I know people think I’m a bitch but they don’t realize I put on a massive front. When I go home and close the door I break down, phone my mum and dad and cry. It got to the point when I thought ‘Why am I doing this?'”

This year’s V Festival was headlined by The Stone Roses and The Killers, with other bands including Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, The Enemy, Example, Miles Kane and Frank Turner.

To whoever threw the bottle of urine ““ Piss off you wanker!


Cher Lloyd’s Debut Album Drops in October

Cher Lloyd – Click for more images

Brit teen pop sensation Cher Lloyd is putting the finishing flourishes on her highly anticipated U.S. debut, Sticks + Stones, which now has a new confirmed release date of October 2nd, push back from a September release date. The perky perfectionist wanted to ensure that no details were missed on Sticks + Stones for her fanatical U.S. fans. The American version of Sticks + Stones, released via Epic Records/Syco, will vary slightly from the 2011 U.K. version, which debuted at #4 in the U.K. The US album includes never-before-heard songs, as well as a few surprise guests. Cher explains that Sticks + Stones is “like a jukebox! Lots of different sounds and no two songs sound the same. I’ve put a lot into the album.”

Cher will make her second major U.S. TV appearance on the Today Show August 30th.

Clearly, the pint-sized pop-star is winning over U.S. fans by the masses, as further proven by her afternoon of fan-packed mayhem during a recent visit to West Hollywood’s Millions of Milkshakes. Police had to intervene as several thousand of Cher’s beloved “Brats” mobbed the streets for a glimpse of the saucy teen singer.  (Take a look at the Brat Attack madness here: Cher’s mouth-watering milkshake is made from Oreos, marshmallows, banana, and caramel sauce–topped with whipped cream and a cherry–and, in homage to her beloved fans, the sweet treat is called the Brat Attack.

For those who can’t get enough from their new fave, Cher entertains more than two million Twitter followers who hang on her every word. And as Cher takes care to make sure every detail is perfect for the American release of Sticks + Stones in preparation for its October 2nd release, she gushes, “I can’t wait for everyone to hear the songs in full.”  Fortunately for her Brats, the wait is almost over!


The End for Cher Lloyd and Her Brats

Cher Lloyd

“Brats” waiting for Cher Lloyd – click for more images

Cher Lloyd

Sing Inc. posing with Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd continued her radio show promo tour in support of her upcoming album Sticks and Stones, which is due out in September. Stopping at the Roseville Galleria she entertained close to 2,000 brats (as her fans are referred to).

Sacramento radio station 107.9 The End hosted the event with Christopher K., Dan Mason, Ashley Nickels, and the morning Wake Up Call’s Katie, Jason, and Gavin.

Chris asked the crowd how long they had been waiting, with some in the crowd screaming 8 hours!

As the mostly young female audience waited patiently for Lloyd, they were entertained by Sing Inc. Pop Academy, as an all-female crew took the stage singing a variety of hits such as Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” Kelly Clarkson’s “Good Girl,” and One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Cher Lloyd – Click for more images

The screaming started in earnest as the 19 year old Lloyd made her way to the stage from her, completely wrapped in all things Cher Lloyd, tour bus.

Starting off her brief acoustical set with Usher’s “OMG,” the brats made certain she knew they were there as they screamed, “‘I love you Cher’. After her first song Lloyd asked the crowd, “Hello, how are you?” which only caused the screams to jump up a few decibels.

Christopher K.

Christopher K. taking photos with his fans

Lloyd continued on with only two more songs “Superhero” and “I Want You Back.’ During “I Want You Back,” you could hear most of the crowd singing and doing some serious grunting along with Lloyd.

As she finished her set Chris asked her a number of questions including how many tattoos she has, which is currently a total of 20, but she’s looking to do a complete sleeve on her arm.

You can see videos of her at the Galleria and her interview with Chris at The End Online.

You can pre-order her new CD due out on September 18th



Train US Tour Dates Announced

rock band train - California 37The band Train has been hitting the airwaves hot and heavy lately, including an unprecedented, week long, guest appearance on Rachael Ray, and another appearance on Dancing With the Stars.

All to celebrate the release (April 17) of their latest album – California 37 and the launch of their third varietal wine from Save Me, San Francisco Wine Company, also called “California 37.”

And it’s working!

The Grammy Award winning band’s single “Drive By” has already surpassed one million in sales.

And according to Train guitarist, and all around good guy, Jimmy Stafford, after only two days California 37 has been certified platinum in the US.

On the heels of all this attention, Train has announced their first set of tour dates in support of California 37, beginning July 26 at the Time Warner Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Guest artists Mat Kearney and Andy Grammer will open select dates of the tour.

Jimmy Stafford

Released as a digital download in January, “Drive By” has become Train’s latest bona fide international sensation and is top 5 across the world and #1 in Germany, Netherlands, Finland, India, New Zealand and Switzerland. As of today “Drive By” remains in the top 20 digital downloads.

Expect to see more of the American rock band since they are scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (April 23), The Talk (April 24), and The View (May 22).  The group will also appear on “Sesame Street” (with air dates TBD). I have it on good authority that Train has already taped the Sesame Street appearance.

Train will also be launching a brand new Cabernet Sauvignon from the Save Me, San Francisco Wine Company.  The much-anticipated third varietal from the acclaimed craft winery, “California 37″ is a worthy addition to previous varietals, “Drops of Jupiter” (Petite Syrah) and “Calling All Angels” (Chardonnay).  A portion of the proceeds from the varietal will go to the San Francisco charity Family House, which provides temporary housing to families of seriously ill children.  For more information please visit


July 10      Montreal, QC                        Metropolis
July 11      Toronto, ON                         Sony Center
July 26      Charlotte, NC                       Time Warner Center
July 27      Raleigh, NC                         Raleigh Amphitheater
July 28      Des Moines, IA                      Stars In The Park
July 29      St. Louis, MO                       Peabody Opera House
August 4     Indianapolis, IN                    Indiana State Fair
August 5     Nashville, TN                       The Woods at Fontanel
August 7     Rochester Hills, MI                 Meadowbrook
August 8     Cincinnati, OH                      PNC Pavilion
August 10    Kansas City, MO                     Starlight
August 11    Highland Park, IL                   Ravinia Festival
August 12    Highland Park, IL                   Ravinia Festival
August 14    Toledo, OH                          Toledo Zoo Amphitheater
August 15    Springfield, IL                     Illinois State Fair
August 16    Cleveland, OH                       Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica
August 18    Philadelphia, PA                    Mann Center for the Performing Arts
August 19    Uncasville, CT                      Mohegan Sun
August 21    Vienna, VA                          Wolf Trap
August 24    Canandaigua, NY                     Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center
August 25    Essex Junction, VT                  Champlain Valley Exposition
August 26    Gilford, NH                         Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion
August 27    New York, NY                        Rumsey Playfield- Summerstage
August 30    West Long Branch, NJ                MAC Center -Monmouth University
August 31    Lenox, MA                           Tanglewood
September 1  Atlantic City, NJ                   Borgata
September 2  Virginia Beach, VA                  American Music Festival
September 5  Boca Raton, FL                      Mizner Park Amphitheater
September 6  St. Augustine, FL                   Saint Augustine Amphitheater
September 7  Atlanta, GA                         Chastain Park Amphitheater
September 9  Dayton, OH                          Downtown Revival Music Festival
September 11 Tuscaloosa, AL                      Tuscaloosa Amphitheater
September 12 Memphis, TN                         Mud Island Amphitheater
September 13 Oklahoma City, OK                   Zoo Amphitheater
September 15 Grand Prairie, TX                   Verizon Theater
September 16 New Braunfels, TX                   WhiteWater Amphitheater
September 19 Morrison, CO                        Red Rocks
September 22 Portland, OR                        Edgefield
September 23 Puyallup, WA                        Western Washington Fair
September 28 Berkeley, CA                        Greek Theater
September 29 Los Angeles, CA                     Nokia Theater
September 30 Phoenix, AZ                         Comerica Theater

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