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DSC_5855-EditRandy MiramontezManaging Editor
Randy has been covering local, state, and national news for over 6 years, including extensive coverage of the entertainment industry in the Sacramento area and beyond. He has the ability to take a story and make it his own with his unique investigative skills, providing the reader with a new and refreshing perspective that you won’t find anywhere else.

You’re welcome to contact Randy at Randy@CelebrityExaminer.com.
Ruth Perryman_cut_outRuth PerrymanContributing Editor

Contributing Editor Ruth Perryman brings her own unique perspective to our story’s here at CelebrityExaminer.com.

Her communication and analytical skills provides readers with a clear and understandable explanation of even the most complex of subjects. Couple that with her own unique writing skills and you have a combination that will entertain.

You can contact Ruth Perryman at Ruth@CelebrityExaminer.com

Joe Kollenborn Contributor

Contributor Joe Kollenborn is the new kid on the block. He’s so new we’ve yet to get a pic of him. Come on Joe, ever hear of Instagram?

Joe will be providing many of our local and breaking news stories starting the week of February 25. Being a native of the Sacramento area he will be able to provide a unique perspective to the local news, as a sports aficionado we are looking forward to highlighting more sports related stories here at CelebrityExaminer.com.

You can contact Joe Kollenborn at Joe@CelebrityExaminer.com

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